NASA Again Confirms $23 Billion SLS Rocket Is In Trouble Because Of SERIOUS Leaks during Testing

NASA Again Confirms $23 Billion SLS Rocket Is In Trouble Because Of serious Leaks during Testing Huge Thanks To: – NASA …


  1. I find it hard to believe that after 50 years after landing on the moon with all the new technology NASA is finding it difficult to get a rocket safely on its way?🌍👽😥😥😥😥

  2. NASA is run by democrats, so I'm sure diversity in hiring personnel didn't let skilled people selfishly take those engineer positions, think how great the VP and press secretary are doing.

  3. Do not blame NASA, their hands were tied being forced to use existing contractors for political reasons.

  4. SpaceX should be called NASA's developed tech department. Vertical landing… NASA 1st, given to SpaceX. Merlin engine… MSFC Fastrac given to SpaceX. Friction stir welding.. MSFC tech given to SpaceX .and on and on and on… To this day NASA has to come in and clean up SpaceX's dog shit engineering, every single day.

  5. For all you alternative fuel guys out there. Keep this in mind. Driving a car with Hydrogen. Hah. You would be calling your boss on a regular basis and tell him that you can't be at work today cause your car has a leak.

  6. We just need to remember NASA had 30 + years of experience dealing with hydrogen with the space shuttle. And yes I know this is a different ship but same teck tree. And 23 billion doller price tag. These mistakes are totally un called for..

  7. Another ploy to use more taxpayer funds
    They are full of bullshit and few people seem to be able to see it.
    Absolute jokers the lot of them at nasa

  8. They could not have used methane. The companies they used had experience in hydrogen and these states provided government support and congressional votes for the project. It is a pork barrel project. Including Orion it is wasting $50 billion of taxpayer money. Can we do better?

  9. Nominal? More like leaks are the normal. This an utterly obscene waste of money on something that is too expensive to launch more than once a year. How will that support a lunar base? The technology is obsolete and its objective is simply to repeat Apollo flag planting of 50+ years ago. This a political invention which should be parked next to Saturn 5 as a monument to politics, greed and mis-management. The purpose is to carry a handful of astronauts to the moon on Artemis to rendezvous with Starship and to carry them back to Earth. If Starship is man rated then there is no need for SLS at all.

  10. I am sad, for the American taxpayer, to see that despite the sums, more than substantial, invested in this "big baby".

    The "poor kid" suffers from leaks, (his "diapers" are expensive, and the installation seems to take time) 😁.

    I heard that during the Shuttle era, one or two flights were very impacted by H2 leaks too.

    In the blessed time of the golden age of APOLLO, I don't remember having read that the second and third stages of the Saturn V suffered similar problems??

    – The manufacturer no longer knows how to make leak-proof tanks?

    – A marketing department has still made promises that cannot be fulfilled by the production departments?

    – Has a legislative environment imposed the creation of a "Hypercar" (Ferrari – Porche – Lamborghini…) with excellent technologies but a little dated (Ford-T) 😅?

  11. I simply lost hope in SLS. 50% chance it will ever start. If such a simply think like fuel tank has a leak what about more complicated components, engines and so on? It is simply too old. They wait to much, design is too complicated, not sure. Nasa, please compleately switch to Starship development and help Elon even further to speed up his project.

  12. I have to watch the launch if it ever does. Potential for massive explosive massive failure is to high to miss out on. To many critical rubber components have aged and vulcanized. A launch failure is just to probable to miss seeing it live.

  13. Stop wasting our money and change the fuel. Or drop it on the way back to the hanger. Accept that this is a lost cause and get out of the way of the new
    kids in town.

  14. Look folks, really, take an other look, SLS means statue likes sunshine, now put your thinking hats on, have you ever seen a statue fly ,plus leaving the sunshine state.If they really wanted it to fly, all the hours that would be necessary to scrub off all the sunsreen .

  15. But, look on the good side. The design engineers and technicians do comply with the woke madness of Diversity being more important than qualifications. When China rules space, we can look them in the eye and proudly claim that, although they beat us, our Corporation are more diverse than theirs.

  16. SLS is a 22 billion dollar Scam! SLS was created under order by the Obama Administration so as to keep NASA employees employed after the Shuttles ended thier flights back in 2011! It is a jobs creation program and was never actually meant to fly! NASA has to stone wall and delay as much as possable to cover up this scam and Hope you space nerds and the press get tired of reporting about it and move on to something else!! MARK MY WORDS, SLS is a huge scam!

  17. wow this Second hand launch system for all the money is a bit of a dud ,or will be a spectacular skyrocket with fireworks show

  18. Use a nitrogen or CO2 blaster aimed at the quick disconnect. That should make the hydrogen inert to liftoff.

  19. 😅🤣😂
    After the 3rd scrub, engineers are NOW saying this is how it's supposed to work. Just like the old IBM days: it's not a 'bug, it's a 'feature.
    Nelson and his gang are heading towards disaster. It's a good thing they're 5 years behind schedule. In another 5 years SpaceX will be delivering to the moon 4-5 times a year without killing anyone. The only question is, will it be to NASA or China?

  20. because of the politics involved with how NASA is funded and spends it's resources, the days of it building it's own spacecraft are over. the question isn't should we let NASA try, because it's now clear that NASA is incapable of the task no matter how much we spend.

  21. It’s a bezos engine story all over….nothing to worry about, shit just isn’t done, but no reason to panic, we will fix this enormous problem within hours, we promise, honestly this is just a mild inconvenience because we don’t care that public tax payers are going be fucked and go homeless