Can Tesla unlock a future with robots of the Asimov variety?


  1. The show is gonna be huge .Apple is producing one gem after another.I really enjoyed “Servant”,”Ted lasso” ,”Morning show” etc .So I have very high expectations for the shows .❤️❤️

  2. I have waited forever for this video to drop. now I find out I'm 2 weeks late? wtf?

  3. I've seen the first six episodes, but I'm under a review embargo. I'm just enjoying the discussion and waiting until we can all… Talk.

  4. I'm tempted to say Prelude to Foundation was the first book I read. Not much more to say beyond what you've said regarding "Caves of Steel" and such.

    I heard of the Tesla making robots on "Next Big Future." Well, looks like we're going to see an "I Robot" future . . . finally? I stopped worrying about that a long time ago.

    I know I had this idea of advanced technological civilization being space colonization and . . . humanoid robots. But, I soon learned about Eric Drexler's nanotechnology(which turns out to be thought of by a Richard Feynman back in 1959; two years after Sputnik!) In the pre–nanotech view, space solves all the energy and population crisis by moving industry and population to space. And, Robots are , well, like in Isaac Asimov's "I Robot" where they take manual labor away, and even do things much more rationaly than humans. They don't make the mistakes in jobs for instance. And, maybe this still holds true in a nano-era. But, I always liked watching Star Wars, and seeing these clunky C3/PO and R2/D2 and saying, "we'll never make something so primitive!

    The next Robots prediction from Isaac Asimov that I see proving true is a human backlash! I've seen "2 the future" youtube point out some anit- SpaceX and humans going to space, and some article in Next Big Future. I've also seen an article which proves that the recent conservative Republicans were a backlash against the success of the Apollo program!

  5. In Foundation’s edge, I vaguely remember them being served food by a robot while on Sayshell. Does anyone else remember this?

  6. That was brilliant Luigi! Your best video yet content-wise. Very thought provoking. Wondering why the views are so low. Maybe the split title pissed off youtube's algorithm?

  7. You say Duh-MUR-sill I say DEM-er-zelle, I look forward to the show defining pronunciations. A month out. Excited.

  8. I understand the need for changes with making Foundation into live action, but one thing must be in the show and that is the time jumps. Not having them in the show totally misses the point of the story and what psychohistory is. The story does't work if its happening across a few weeks or months. I suspect psychohistory is going to be pushed into the background.

  9. I really don't understand why they changed the gender of some characters going against the books, respecting parity? :'(

  10. A Syd Mrad retrospective would be cool. I did a lecture on Syd on my own channel. When I think of Asimovs universe I immediately jump to Syds Tomorrowland Art

  11. Ciao come va Luigi? As long as they don’t discover a way to replace human artists with robots I will sleep east. Almost done with my third Asimov fanart.

  12. About the trailer. I think I decyphered (by looking at all 3 trailers frame by frame) what we are going to see in the season.
    Here's what I come out with by analyzing the three trailers.
    First of all, evidently, there are two plotlines set in different places and times. The first is the Year 0 Plotline, set between Trantor and Synnax (the water planet of Gaal), with Seldon, Gaal, the emperors and so on. The second plot line is the one set on Terminus, probably many decades after plotline 0, which follows Salvor and the colonials of the Foundation.
    About the plotline Year 0 I can theorize this chain of events:
    -Gaal leaves Synnax to go to Trantor
    -Gaal meets Seldon in the library
    -The emperors are concerned about psychohistory
    -An emperial spaceship gest destroyed by a rocket launched by Synnax (where probably there is an independence movement)
    -Funeral of the fallen who served inside the ship
    -The Empire answers by bombing the shit out of Synnax
    -Gaal submerges herself inside a tank (maybe some mind expanding thing?), there's an accident and Raych goes save her, the two get together
    -Synnax terrorist attack the heart of the Empire, the Space Elevator
    -Seldon and others get arrested, Seldon is put under trial, he talks about the Foundation, he's almost surely sentenced, but in the end something (maybe Demerzel?) change the Emperor's idea, and it's commuted into exile to Terminus. The Foundation is born.
    About the robots there aren't much infos.

    Here was plotline Year 0. The plotline on Terminus is much more difficult to decypher. There are much less images and information.
    -It's set on Terminus, on a colony of Foundation explorers. Salvor is one of them.
    -On the planet there's The Vault which, according to interviews, can be accessed only by Salvor.
    -There's a lost empire spaceship, which Salvor and the colonials go to explore.
    -One of the colonials gets killed by an alien creature in a cave.
    -There's a clash with Anacreon army (first Seldon Crisis?), probably they want Foundation to be destroyed before they get the spaceship technology (notice: the Anachreon army wears like medieval warriors and use rifle-like weapons. They look gunpowder weapons judging by the flash coming out of them when they shoot. On the other hand there's a scene with a Foundation man using a weapon which look much more advanced by design and shoots what look like real lasers).
    -Hardin gets inside the Vault and gets the answer for The Plan

    Here are my theories. What do you think about?

  13. On the robots replacing human workers and the UBI thing:
    Humans need a purpose in life and they also need the struggle and the hustle, the competition and the danger. Take that away and humanity withers.

  14. Gaal Dornick narrating the story of "The Psychohistorians" makes sense as in "The Encyclopedists", it was mentioned that he wrote Seldon's biography (The primary source of information about the Founder of the Foundation!)