Tesla’s SHOCKING Robots will FINALLY Compete with THIS Rival Automaker

Elon Musk shocked the world when at AI Day, he unveiled a Tesla humanoid robot that would use Tesla’s full self driving chip and be trained using Tesla’s Dojo computer. The Tesla Bot is designed to do menial tasks, but Elon Musk wants a future where robots and humans are indistinguishable.

Tesla Bot will likely have a battery pack that lasts a few hours, and will compete directly with Hyundai-owned Boston Dynamics which makes the Atlas bipedal robot. Finally Boston Dynamics will have some robot competition.

The beauty of investing in Tesla is also highlighted by this Tesla Bot announcement. Tesla is in a perfect position of bringing products using robotics and AI to market, and expanding the economy.
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The Frightening Economics of the Tesla Megapack:


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  1. Now you’re talking robot I can help with every day task I made years old that would be a great help for me

  2. It really feels like this robot becoming a functional reality which can really replace humans is as real and serious as the introduction of this robot was.
    Making a robot becoming human-like has to mean some fundamental new technology in computing ability.

  3. Keep excited with the Bots doing the work. Your grand grand child will tell you how it feels to compete with them

  4. Elon is a hero, a dreamer & that's what we need right now. Big fan.
    But, our job is to carefully vet & control the products of geniuses.

  5. Human-like bots could be great for human-machine interface, with a real human controlling a bot (or bots) using remote control and body-sensing controllers.

  6. Strap yourself into a full-body harness, dial into the appropriate robot, do the work required at that location enough times so the AI can learn how to do it, let it carry on itself. When a problem is encountered, it stops and calls for help. Dial in, fix the problem, AI learns and carries on. Every learning cycle becomes available to every robot via the AI system.

  7. A short range communication system between cars could improve the exchange of data improving security specially in weather condition like a snow storm by night with no electricity.

  8. Some ideas for thought: DOJO V1 is already helping design V2 that will have 10X the capability. The Tesla bot and the SpaceX space suit will be designed by the same engineering team, starting from first principles. ALL Tesla engineers will be given the option of connecting with DOJO through a Neuralink implant once the technology is approved. DOJO will already be in direct contact with all Tesla bots, Tesla EVs, and the Starlink global network. If FTL space travel is possible, it will be ELON's efforts that make it a reality.

  9. I'm guessing that ELON's engineers will work on Tesla bots and the SpaceX space suits at the same time. Both will be designed from first principals and be totally unique. Keep in mind that the Cybertruck will be Tesla's first real bot.

  10. Making a Tesla bot seems a lot, lot, lot easier than making a car.
    The requirement for energy and for energy efficiency is way less.
    No wind resistance problems.
    No high speed crashes.
    If LFP battery cells work in a Tesla bot then there is no fire risk.
    Swap-able battery packs seems like a good option as well as charging.
    Maybe use Hardware 3 FSD computers from the cars for it's 'brain'. Musk says Hardware 3 or 4 for your car – don't worry about it they are both good but are you kidding me?
    The cost will be a fraction of a car's cost.
    The consequences of a failure will be much less – not a two ton death machine.
    Do they even need a license or authorization to put one on the footpath or in a shop or a home?

  11. The Tesla bot has an advantage over the FSD car. Let's suppose a Tesla bot encounters a horse on the footpath and mishandles the situation: goes up to the horse and gets kicked, in this case the Bot is damaged but unlike a car no humans get injured (in this scenario). The dangers of the Tesla bot hurting someone are not zero but massively easier to prevent with or accept imo.
    Let's start a list possible bad consequences:
    Someone sees it and has a heart attack.
    Trips a frail person over and they break a bone.
    Doesn't trip a frail person, but they did fall over break a bone and here's an opportunity for them and an ambulance chasing lawyer to make some money.
    (Maybe have the Tesla bot in a place with few or no elderly people to start off with)
    Walks out onto the road and a car swerves to avoid hitting them has an accident.
    Cars are then trained not to swerve and a person wearing a spandex suit gets cleaned up. Kids will definitely be wearing spandex suits once the Tesla bot is a thing.

  12. What the hell is Tesla gonna do when Elon Musk dies… you can't even say that itd be similar to the Steve Jobs situation either as no one was getting sick of him or of his followers yet when he died which btw are NOTHING compared to the Tesla community of Sentry mode youtubers and vanity plate owners

  13. Getting a human bot is the most important decision Elon Mush has taken after SpaceX, maybe the important ever that will take human civilization into technological advancements that existed in science fiction only. Can you imagine sending 10 thousand bots on Starships to Mars to build a human base and prepare for human colonization there? or send them to the Arctic to extract needed minerals? Elon Musk proves time and time again that he is an extraordinary man at all levels..


  15. ….and in the meantime Tesla shares price keeps notching up, for it is absolutely foolish to stay out of the wild ride that will take us all to scary heights. The bronco is wild, we need to strap ourselves real tight.It is going to be the longest ride we have ever experienced. But the rewards will be just too great to even imagine. At time, it will be rough, never sell, only add to your war chest. But the fundamentals are all there in incredible abundance. A Genius with the greatest team of beautiful minds from all over the world are daily working hard incubating the fantastic ideas to create for all of us a much better world. We are only at the start, and the old oil industry giants are already wobbling, the old auto manufacturers in confusion, and the political world in total disarray huddling together with the losers asking themselves questions they should be asking Elon Musk, for he is the only one with the right answers. While the old establishment have all been caught with their embroidered pants down without options, debt ridden, and facing the horrible world they have created treating their customers as cash cows. wasting money on false propaganda, fancy paint jobs, and tough looking plastic grilles to fool the buyers better. Until a wonderful individual came along, and made a car I will never need to service, one that I can power from my electric socket, and I can do as many miles as I like , with just 15% running costs than those old obsolete contraptions that the losers for over a century shoved down our throats, never spending money on research, but plenty on cosmetics and empty propaganda.

  16. Wait what what…🤣🤣🤣
    Nothing you said makes any sense..rumblings of a kid at best

  17. Repetitive tasks like science experiments thousands of them needed to learn what works Enter Tesla Timmy the lab assistant/s. Biological lab leak? no worries just have them scrub each other off and clean the lab etcetera all sealed up.

  18. Tesla bot can be send on the first flight to Mars to constarct landing spot for starship and a first base for humans

  19. I predict they will sell high end AR glasses with several cameras. They will sell these at a loss just to collect data.

  20. Me: calculating a Tesla exit strategy in a ten years or so…
    Elon: Yeah, about that..

  21. Hell yeah! Get Disney involved for robot design suggestions!… They could easily sketch up something to "acquire", "secure" and/or "internationally transport" items less than 12 years old!

  22. Los futuros empleados y programadores e a rayos se va a cumplir lo que la Biblia habla y la ciencia acabará si con muchos empleos

  23. 1:28 "half of the questions from the live audience at the event were related to the Tesla bot" … and so were more than half the YouTube videos days afterwards

  24. For real apple dose not innovate all they do is change the interface and people go crazy. I do like the heath sensor on the Apple Watch ,that is moving the needle for better heath.

  25. I am definitely with you on space travel sending bots ahead of humans or have them travel with humans to check out the planet. I listen to a lot of you guys talk about the nay sayers. My advice to you is that they don’t exist. Learn only to talk to people who understand what you are talking because trying to convert none believers is a waste of time and energy. If it was left up to nay sayers we would still be living in caves. Nothing has ever been achieved by non believers.

  26. I'll be surprised if they can achieve true human hand dexterity in the next 2-3 years.

    but a lot of simple manual labour could be achieved with a relatively simple humanoid robot.

  27. Its ok we should embrace A I as Elon Musk has shown among others
    A I is our babies …
    We are it's God like I've said they are the species created by human

  28. Yea as interesting as the Tesla Bot is, the real story is Dojo and their neural net, but this is simply too much for the media to grasp.

  29. Well Biped robotics right now and has been some time lead by Boston dynamics. No question really. Kinda like Tony stark and his suit compared to say Asmio is a toy really today. 4 legs is rather easy, 2 not so much. Atlas is like DARPA money, might as well have NASA build it. If you watched over the many years of say where Boston started Biped and quad. How it evolved. Now Tesla would need to start there and make it less costly. Since it can do what he wants right now, easy. Issue still is power though. always has been. Walking , running is a dynamic movement. WE just do it so easy. Biped to be like atlas must master that AI. each step is basically a falling action forward in 3 dimensions. Rather simple is 2d in a car, cars can not fall over. I think $$$ wise make it like Rosie in Jetson's . as a house bot, should be able to build that for less then say a S.?