Tesla Bot – Reaction and thoughts on the future of humanoid robotics!

Tesla dropped a random announcement and introducing the world to their Tesla Bot. Something that the Tesla team has been working on in the background! I thought it’d be fun to sit down and watch some videos, chat about the future and thoughts on humanoid robotics!


  1. Looks like a mix of Pepsi Man & Slenderman. Looks dope at the same time.😀

  2. If you ever watch films you'll know these things like any new tech usually go through military application first , cause the States is a trigger happy nation I don't wanna know where this is going . Need to get a big retirement fund and live on a peacful tropical Island asap .

  3. Elon is dangerous. Chips in brains, robots….goodbye jobs, goodbye autonomy, goodbye dominance in the world.

  4. International space stations where you can print organs are interesting too!

    Crazy to see where we are headed towards in the future with all this new technology.