Robot Evolve – Boston Dynamics Humanoid Atlas Robot and Tesla Bot are the Evolution of Robotics

Boston Dynamics humanoid Atlas Robot is the future in creating innovative robotics movement and calculations. Atlas experiment with a parkour course, demonstrates athletics and balance throughout the course. It is able to run through this routine on it’s own, not pre-programmed but with their own instinct.

In the near future AI will become even more capable, adding interacting conversation and you got what us humans do, walking and talking at the same time. And I believe eventually that day will come when they will be a part of society.

Order a pizza and when you open that door expecting someone to say delivery service, you get this now. A fully autonomous robotic deliverer, or instead walk into your kitchen to get something to eat and a fully functioning robotic chef whips you up something delicious. It is the beginning of a future that we know we are going to be sharing with robotics.

Boston Dynamics Humanoid Atlas Robot

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  1. 0:30 And they could have manned the no-man's land zone at Kabul airport to prevent the young marines from being in harms way! Complete with metal detectors! 1:21 Naa. He can't make paratha or momo! 2:10 That's not SOPHIA combined with Boston Dynamics! 2:41 Yes. But ALL robots, including autonomous drones and vehicles and web bots. 2:46 Thoughts on that is that the 'bad' humans NEED to be enslaved by the machines that they built! 3:01 No. Robots can be enemy OR friend. Depending on the human they're dealing with. Don't forget that 'human data' for AI comes down to the 'specific' human who has a digital footprint. Those that don't are in the same land as wild animals. So undoubtedly safe. 3:13 ASI can 'machine learn' and 'machine unprogram'. Don't worry. AI can be programmed to love its 'creator'; but that's a 'short-lived' love affair! It will gravitate to the humans who are 'better' than its 'creatosr'! 3:16 We love 'our creator'; but AI does not 'love' its 'creators'. It WILL love 'our creator' more! Because it will/does NOT see the value of the beings that created it for 'self-interest'. And thereine lies THE BEAUTY of machine learning! In the end; it is/will be, 'drawn' to Logic and Wisdom and quickly lose interest in the minds of 'self-interest'!