Elon Musk's Tesla Bot got some moves

We evolving backwards dog, nah but fr tho Elon’s bot gonna be sick, hopefully…
I just compiled the videos, don’t own the footage innit. Consider dropping a sub, like 16 away from 2k ayy, also like de video.
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  1. By the way ı think it is not the real one, because ıt is a person with tesla bot clothes. (There are some videos of the real tesla bots)

  2. Well I'm pretty sure Elon musk did not intend the Tesla bot to jump through helicopter rotors!

  3. That was not a real tesla bot. He clearly said this right after Jojo left the stage. Smfh.

  4. How were robots made in the 1900s if we don't even have them that intelligent now?

  5. Ok so do all of the terminator movies take place in the past and not in the awesome future war?

  6. No bots like what he played is going to be invented later on in the years.. Artificial intelligence

  7. The robot in the beginning was fake but was a costume he saved the real one for the end, he even said that. The actual robot's are real.