Loup TV 104: Tesla Bot Steals AI Day

Gene is joined by independent Tesla analyst, Matt Joyce (Twitter @matty_mogul), to recap Tesla AI day along with the surprise announcement, Tesla Bot.


  1. Intetesting and baffling that a financial analyst to be believing he knows better than the industry leader that they should return back to using radar.

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  3. you guys are rudimentary human beings and shouldn't even be in this business.. #clueless #dumb there was 2+hours of self driving and you focus on 1min intro of a humanoid? So dumb!

  4. I appreciate that Gene brought up the point that for computers, everything in our frame of reference moves in ultra slow motion. As far as the point about the need for radar, I'll just say that right now every human is a "vision" driver. If vision is solved, then what is digital radar's value add to the equation. The best part is no part. The best process is no process. When the digital radar disagrees with the vision, then that disagreement has to be resolved. Just spend more time improving vision in your "March of the 9's".

  5. So will Tesla be able to stop militarization of Teslabot…what's more hazardous occupation than a combat soldier?

  6. Some investors look to their investments as a source of income while others use it as a means to grow or preserve their wealth.

  7. They should make a personal trainer bot because people will be in even more need of physical training.

  8. Gene, you got to get off CNBS. You're too educated for their drivel. I only know you from solving the money problem when he comments on you vs Gordon the 🤡

  9. Why does CNBC TREAT Gordon Johnson as a relevant analyst!!! He was an absolute fool on his opinion regarding the FSD DOJo system

  10. As a Tesla fan and in my reading of the facts, to say that Tesla is the leader in autonomy is false, if it pertains to real world use. They may be leaders in the lab.
    Tesla only has a Lvl 2 commercial system with AP and an autonomy beta on the roads, both requiring permanent hands-on-the-wheel human supervision, so not full autonomy at all. Whereas Waymo does have a fully autonomous driverless system giving rides to customers.
    The size of the area covered by the system does not matter in this comparison. Tesla aspires to cover the whole planet with a general solution but is so far limited by that aspiration. Waymo on the other hand focuses on local maximum service and succeeds in surpassing Tesla on that basis.

  11. Tesla is light years ahead of any other company in Autonomy, and no one is a competitor to Tesla's Bot – and the latter is still in concept. Just shows how good Tesla is and will be. Most valuable company in 2022, book it. Check my channel I covered Tesla Bot.

  12. I don’t understand people who say to Elon “you should be working on X instead of Y”, when they aren’t working on A or B or C or….

  13. When you are the key man at multiple companies, you can be drawn into problems at any time.

    That makes it pretty difficult to prepare the way Steve Jobs used to prepare for a presentation. He focussed on product and relationships and business models, not making bleeding edge technology work AND all of those things.

  14. The starting time reasons given would make more sense if such events were only locally watched. But the entire planet is watching. Over here in Europe, it's simply far too late. Asia has a shot in their morning hours. Sad as Europe is where the EV market is really booming …

  15. Apple streams are not only on time. They also do not have choppy sound and image

  16. Buy a Tesla Bot to chauffeur you around town and do your shopping, no need for FSD. Give the cops someone to arrest.

  17. I wish people would understand that Boston dynamics robots can balance but ultimately they are being programmed to do specific routines, Tesla bot will use AI to understand the world independent of programming instruction

  18. The takeaway some of us have is that concerning the bots, a MORALITY program MUST BE installed and if that program is removed, or tampered with,, after installation, the bot completely fails, and can not ever be restarted. Odd coincidence that yesterday's Sci/fi has become a reality…. autonomous thinking is HERE!

  19. I think there is more to Tesla bot than Tesla is letting on. They have already laid out the dimensions of the robot.

  20. Lex Friedman is enthralled and so excited over what was presented, absolutely mind blown

  21. I bet it was easier to conduct this interview than the one with Gordon Class 🤡 Johnson

  22. Running into static objects was a problem with radar. Radar has limitations and that's why they removed it.

    How many accidents in the same period do you believe have been with other manufactures adas systems?

  23. You should refuse to appear on screen with Gordon Johnson. Really hurts your image.

  24. Regarding FSD, it is clearly qualified as a 'beta' software release, with a ton of caveats and warnings. Only about 1,000 carefully selected non-Tesla people have version 9.2. A significant number of the incidents being investigated from earlier releases involve irresponsible drivers, aka DUI. Tesla is never evaluated on a level-playing field with ICE OEM's (e.g., car fires). Of course, in the case of self-driving software, those same OEM's just continue slaughtering people while their FSD-like solution is still x years-never from now. Just saying…. Love you Gene, especially when I recently saw you in a mainstream media interview "pitting" you against Gordon the Clown! Think Tesla will take legal action against him after he said Elon and Tesla have been lying about the use of real vs. simulated data? Too bad they cut the interview short…

  25. Gene is missing a huge concept. Why did several inventors invent the telephone around the same time? Because of developments in OTHER technologies being available. An industry can greatly benefit from innovations in other industries, Tesla is making it happen themselves instead of waiting decades, and applies these breakthroughs in other applications and markets. Nescessity is the mother of invention, innovation Tesla will develop for hunanoid robots will have application and benefits in other aspects of manufacturing and will add to teslas competitive lead.

  26. The AI Day was a bigger reveal than people think.

    Think what Elon is doing: NeuroLINK, StarLINK, think of Neurolink as the controler and the Starlink as the cable to Dojo. You did see how Tesla can render the surroundings into Vector graffics, the robots can take it further from the roads. Put a camera to a Starlink sattelite and you have the view from above, that is a gaming platform.

    Neurolink will controll mechanichal limbs for people with reduced mobility, the Tesla robot will have cameras and mechanichal lims! A doctor hoocked to Neurolink can "rent" your houshold robot for a quick checkup. Or a specialist can jump in a robot instead of flying to another country. This is teleportation in a way, preaty handy for people getting homesick on Mars. Latency from Mars can be an issue but not on this planet.

    Elon thinks big, a robot for shopping is not the end goal.

  27. Besides attracting new talent, any other “auto companies” manages to design & create arguably the most advanced GPU ever exceeding current supercomputers available out there?? TSLA definitely NOT a car company

  28. You do know this tesla bot is going to take away jobs. Imagine, this bot flipping burgers, running the drive thru, etc.

  29. Apple is iterating not innovating anymore. They really won't catch up to Tesla on anything. They lost being the cool company to work for.