THIS IS HUGE!!! Elon Musk Reveals Tesla Bot (Project Dojo) The Most Important Event Of Tesla AI Day

Elon Musk wishes for Tesla to be much more preferable in comparison to an electric car company. On Thursday’s Tesla AI Day , the CEO explained that Tesla is a company with deep activity in hardware on the deduction stage as well as on the training stage that likely will be made use of the line for software except for self-driving vehicles, including a humanoid automation that Tesla is evidently modelling.
Mask considered that there’s massive amount of labour to make it function and thus they need talanted people to become a member of this company and help them to solve the problem.
This news was the last update to announce when viewers started to ask for questions, but it’s really fascinating. The Tesla engineers and senior officials spoke about computer vision, the Tesla chip and Dojo supercomputer (all of which , we’ll be aware soon), there was a short interval where occured a strange dancer on the stage, clothed a white body costume with a bright dark mask on a face. Accordingly, it was not just a Tesla stunt , but rather a meeting with Tesla Bot , which a humanoid robot , Tesla is creating.

Tesla says about utilizing its highly developed technology in application outside of vehicles , while we didn’t believe he was about robot slaves. It is not overstatement. CEO Elon Mask imagines a world in which people have hard work like grocery shopping. This kind of labour can be done by humanoid robots like the Tesla Bot.
This robot is 5’8 , 125 pounds , is able to deadlift 150 pounds , walk at 5 miles per hour and has a monitor for a head which shows a vital data.
“It supports to be friendly, for sure, and navigate a world built for people “, said Musk.
We are adjusting it so that you can escape from it or gain control over it at a mechanical and physical stage.

The prototype of the bot which is expected for a following year, is being suggested as a non-automotive robotic usage case for the company’s work on neural networks and its Dojo modern supercomputer . But Musk did not say about if the Tesla Bot could dance.