TekTok 0028 – Tesla Robot is coming for, but only at 5 mph / The most popular phone in Estonia is…

Watch this video about how far are robots in replacing humans:

0:00 Intro and how you doin’
6:53 The most popular phone in Estonia in 2020 is…
24:50 Tesla unveiled the Tesla bot and nobody knows what is it for
39:31 Angry Birds maker buys Turkey’s game studio
41:49 There is new stream service coming to Europe
46:36 OnlyFans will start to ban pornographic material starting from October 1 in 2021
53:39 Netflix will add Apple’s Spatial Audio on iOS 14 devices
57:05 Siim wants to buy a Google Chromecast with Google TV
1:01:27 Google Pixel 6 will not come with a charger
1:07:57 Skyrim will come to PlayStation 5 and XBox Series S and Xbox Series X
1:11:35 Remastered Quake will come to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
1:14:05 Siim music recommendation of the week
1:15:35 Meme Break
1:17:45 Siim is struggling to overpay for the Chromecast Google TV in Estonia
1:26:10 Kyrylo started a new game called Scarlet Nexus
1:28:50 Kyrylo is excited about the upcoming game Baldo: The Guardian Owls
1:31:33 Saying goodbye and leave a comment 💙


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