Teslabot is a done deal! Tesla will win AGI! – AI CTO Part 2

Cofounder and CTO of AI Unicorn – “The Factory-Bot is a done deal! … It’s not a matter of “will it arrive?” or even “will it arrive soon?


  1. Money and capitalism will probably be dead soon after AGI/ASI, so if you believe in Tesla creating AGI soon, there's no point of investing and having this money making mentality. Just chill, relax and wait for abundance and utopia :D. People really struggle to understand how big deal AGI is, it will change everything. Accelerate progress trillion fold. More will be invented in a week than we invented since year one to 2022. And these technologies will be at least 1000x more advanced than most advanced tech we have now. Nobel prize worthy discovery every second. It can happen soon after achieving ASI, SIngularity.

  2. I don't care about a factory bot. I want a bot at my home to clean, weed, etc for me.

  3. I agree, the prototype bot 🤖 is a sure thing 2022 and into production 2023. Reason being, FSD is a sure thing 2022, after that it’s just a matter of installing it into a Bot 🤖. The big question is when this and other great accomplishments will be reflected in the stock price 🤷🏼

  4. I do respect a good leader but respect should be earned and not enforced. That is were a brilliant team lift a good leader and this becomes a perpetual induction circle. Each entity feeding off one another is the smart way to do things and I surmise his of Elon and team Tesla.

  5. Not to take away from the topic of the video but, I would like to know, who did the fly-through of the tesla factory. That was done done with and fpv drone for sure.

  6. Excellent video !!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. (Farzad M. referred me over to you. Brilliant! 👏)

  7. While I'm sure that Tesla will succeed with Optimus, I do believe that they will find there are many challenges beyond the AI. To achieve the dexterity of human hands and the mechanical and sensors needed will prove to be harder than the AI for Tesla.

  8. If a Teslabot can displace ~8 people, what happens to the people displaced? Taxing robots may become a thing to replace the taxes a human worker pays on earnings and spending. UBI may become necessary to replace lost income from work. Sending cheques to people at home in lieu of work does not sound very fulfilling. Most people currently find meaning and purpose through work. New routes to life satisfaction and definitions of success will need to be found. Societies will have to dramatically reorganise themselves as this model starts to scale. Thought through, 2030 and beyond might look very different than today.

  9. Tesla probably will be the first to a factory bot. I'll always hold some TSLA shares, but the amount might go up or down depending on risky behavior by Elon (like the purchase of Twitter). There is one thing that concerns me in the CHOAM scenario: It depends on society happily standing by while humans are made obsolete in more and more applications. Elon says that UBI will be necessary, but people aren't thinking about where the money for UBI will come from. It will come from CHOAM and other users of bots. There will be robot taxes.

  10. It gets scarier the more you think about. Let's say Tesla creates 1000 bots, just that and trains each to learn seperate trade. Once learned, you upgrade the software and now one thousand bots knows one thousand jobs lol Now, let's say, Tesla trains them to create 2 or 3 bots per day. First year: 365x3x1,000= 1 million bots; 1milx365x3= 1 billion bot in labor market just in 2 years 🤑🤑🤑🤑 Talk about exponential growth. #AgeOfAbundance

  11. I think the factory bot leading to a gradually more generalised bot will be easier process, that getting to FSD lvl 4 and fully driving -> Robotaxis just because there will regulation hurdles to overcome, you have to prove it is 10x safer, what about accidents and sueing and courts. I dont see the regulation issue for the factory bot. However an eventual AGI bot will be massively more distrutive, but I think regulation in terms of wealth distribution societal impacts will trail the the AGI bot. I think the respose will be a think tank approach that will recommend wealth redistribution, without that huge unempoyent could lead to an attempt to overthrow governments. I do worry about what the worlds militaries will do with this.

  12. Here's a question: is human labor currently the bottle neck in Tesla car production speed at the giga factories? I'm not at all sure. I'm confident the bot can improve margins vastly, but I'm not confident it can boost production rate by that much.

  13. "My friend said…"sounds bogus to me. I think it's just your own thoughts, but making it sound as if someone with higher credibility said it gives it more credibility. Unless you can come up with some verifiable evidence that your friend is real, I'll have to remain very skeptic.

  14. Yann LeCun, VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta, said in a recent interview with Lex Fridman, that in order to solve AGI you must solve real world AI, because learning happens much more quickly when interacting with physical world, learning from cause-effect to generalized knowledge… Seem legit… 🤔

  15. Many thanks to all the people who buy Tesla cars, thanks also to the investors! You help change the world!

  16. Thanks for the perspective.
    I'm pretty sure that the video is correct that in the short term (1 – 2 years) the mainstream won't get it. The days following the prototype is revealed look for TSLA price to fall. Mainstream will consider it just a destraction. It will take a while for its true impact to be understood.

  17. This is excellent, personally I would really like to be a fly on the wall. I've been all in on Tesla from 2019 didn't really understand the AI strategy, however I sure do now. I can't wait for the future. I won't be selling shares until 2050 or later.

  18. Holding the stock till hell freezes over plus a decade, Tesla will have the first factory bot, they will operate on a lease basis for the bots outside of Tesla, and it will be in mass production in three years or less.

  19. Oh man this is like catnip. Thanks for sharing this! One of these days you, your friend, and I are going to get a coffee or beer and have a FANTASTIC conversation <3

  20. Great video! Thanks so much! I really enjoy them!!!!

    Here's my stab at your interesting questions…

    Q's 1-3) Yes, agree, Tesla 1st with Factory-Bot, but not a huge differentiation, just more automated than they are now, but nothing drastically different than where they are now compared to legacy automakers, obviously ahead. More through put, at lower cost, the same trajectory as now. I hope you are right, and I am wrong.
    Q4&5) I will hold as long as Tesla's future is likely better than anything else, I think I will be holding far into the future. Wow, I never heard of $1M/share, but if AGI happens, I agree, I wouldn't dismiss anything!
    Q6) I am not convinced about AGI and AGI-Bot, I need to listen to your friends reasoning a few more times, literally every tech company is working on this, I can see Tesla having an advantage, but there are a lot of competitors…maybe it is not digital, more analog, with it barely working and a long time to make useful, but I am really just guessing, just have been disappointed in the past timelines.
    Q7) Too funny! I think eventually he will stop covering Tesla, I mean how can you be so wrong, for so long???!!! I remember a critic on Seeking Alpha, who was wrong on Amazon, (and to his credit, readily admitted it) and was similarly wrong on Tesla, just stopped abruptly once Tesla turned a profit. He coined the term "Potemkin Villages" when referring to Tesla's manufacturing. I enjoyed his writings, even though he was very wrong, made me really research Tesla and become more confident of it.

  21. What does your AI friend predict about global warming, CO2 emission rates, world GDP growth, world energy growth, and economic effects from atmospheric CO2? Like northern India is cooking at 110 deg. F this April. She must have some thoughts.

  22. Elon has said. The factory is the product.
    The quickest way to achieving Tesla's mission statement would be to license the factories to….?
    Elon is serious about action on climate change.
    I give it 3 years. OEM's will by then realise they are so far behind.
    Plus even if Tesla is hands down the best and cheapest car in the world, consumers want to be different. A 15 or 20 % license fee on 60 to 80 % of the total market plus their Teska brand 20 %

  23. When you said ‘execution’ about the holding-an-egg problem did you mean eggsecution? 🤣😂

  24. I need a couple of Bots to have a worthy opponent to practice my Wing Chun. i got 1,488 shares of Tesla. heeeeheeeee

  25. I think the exactly the same: bots need real world AI; RW AI needs lots of data; data need to be collected through hardware; Tesla has the best hardware manufacturing technology. Done due!

  26. Channeling an AI expert is a novel concept in the TSLA universe. Mostly serving confirmation bias. Still subscribed, because it is soothing.

  27. I think they will be able to Massssss produce them once the software is ready. They will be able to flood the market big time and the world will change in a huge way 2024-2030.