Tesla robot! Let’s talk about this

Tesla robot! Let’s talk about this

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  1. I hope we have robots because I'm too lazy to paint my house and clean my backyard. Lol

  2. They never followed through on the self-driving hype. If they can’t make self-driving work I doubt they will make an Android work.

  3. Folks are already obese and lazy, robots would just make folks, obese, lazy and crazy.

  4. It's crazy how many people believe this is going to be a game-changer 🤦‍♀️. I like Elon, but he's not a stranger to overpromising and delays. Just look at the Boring Company, the roadster, the Cybertruck, semi, etc. Now he's releasing a robot. Hell, the autopilot isn't even level 5 yet. I like people who like to dip their foot in all types of stuff, but I see this as nothing but a publicity stunt. Get people talking about you. That's it.

  5. There are a lot of unskilled jobs that employers are not willing to pay a thriving wage for people to do. Robots don't need a thriving wage or a work/life balance, so it makes sense that a lot of employers are looking forward to robots replacing human employees. If automation meant humans get a UBI and have the time to do what they want with their lives instead of working to survive, that would be great! But I am old and cynical, and I don't believe the Star Trek "luxury space communism" is where this is headed.

  6. Jermaine, I'm so glad you are insightful in what goes on globally.I always appreciate your vlogs even with boo. 😂. You two are cute and funny together.

  7. I'm concerned about lunatics wanting to do hideous or incideous things. Yet, it's astonishing , what robotics technology will bring in terms of capability.

  8. if these robots go in certain city areas ,they WILL get jumped just for their parts 100% ..remember when the first social bike sharing came out everybody was praising it…and after a few months you would see those damaged bikes lying on the side of streets and disguarded in vacant lots ..robots will also get attacked by people angry at losing a job ….robot terrorism in the future ? ….once the elites have their robots lined up ,you will see a virus that will wipe humans out down to a smaller population

  9. We need a UBI if robots take over and that will make
    Corporatists lose their minds.

  10. For starters, please do not invest your entire portfolio in Tesla Robots because the kinks in their autonomous cars still have to be adjusted. I do like the idea of robots taking over certain jobs which would alleviate the worker shortage. I would like to see a robot do household chores; like mowing, raking leaves, taking the trash out, vacuuming, clean bathrooms & kitchen, assist with moving packing/unpacking, etc. then I’m sold. If these robots can properly maintain black textured hair, that’s a GAME CHANGER! 👩🏾‍🦱

  11. The possibilities of corrupt governments getting access to this are endless 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Sure the possibilities of them doing great things are great as well but you have to consider the cons too!

  12. This robot is the next fire or next wheel 🤔how about a 1 quintillion market cap