Tesla just revealed the TESLA ROBOT at AI Day, and MUCH more!

Tesla just held their AI day, and OMG did they just Teslap the whole industry. With FSD, the most powerpull computer chip and AI training computer in the world and…..a humanoid Robot 😱


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  1. Moment I’ve really been waiting for, a humanoid form robot
    Just like in the movies, Elon Musk just changed my life! Protect this man at all cost!

  2. Lars, very impressive. Your presentation and statistical data is simply amazing. Everyone who owns Tesla Stock should watch this presentation. It’s mind boggling. Thank you for such a great job.

  3. Elon, of all the people… Why didn't anyone think this through? He creates a robot to do boring repetitive work and then makes the entire body white/grey with the face and head black. Only a billionaire can get away with a slave black face robot and no one says a word!!!!

  4. No mention of Elon saying that they would license FSD tech to other companies?

  5. I wish this amount of energy would be placed in the advancement of humankind, especially it's intelligence all over the world. Robots, of course, will be useful, but they shouldn't be our replacement.

  6. Those chip arrays put into the cold vacuum of space, ie using a pre existing satellite array to transmit that data to anything from cars to robots to phones..

  7. The robot is just Elon thinking into the future, 1st application will be to assign robots to supercharge stations to hook up Tesla's arriving without drivers. This means that one or two robots can replace 50 of the snake charging units. In addition, it may be possible to direct the car through a car wash then have robot clean windows and clean all cameras for a fee of course.
    This will greatly enhance the RoboTaxi fleet and make owning a Tesla far more viable for those living in apartments.
    Eventually, these robots are destined for Mars but having an internal use that will allow Tesla to develop the systems has incredible advantages.

  8. I can only assume Pentagon has already their people talking with Tesla – can you make a military version of this Optimus robot?

  9. Ahahahahahahabahahahahahahahahahahah Ahahahahahahabahahahahahahahahahahah how dumbfounded zombies you're to not understand the geopolitical game and the fantasies to bamboozle ENTERTAIN the ZZZZZZZZOMBIESZZZZZZZZZZZZZ of screening LIES.

  10. Love the humor! Also, to add: Tesla just build a SUPER-COMPUTER THAT IS MORE THAN TWICE AS FAST AS THE FASTEST ON THE PLANET! ….and they want to make it TEN TIMES FASTER.

  11. Big fan of Elon Musk but the way this narrator drools over him I'd a bit much for me. Tesla goes against one of life's key rules of success. That being "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" Elon is the egg. All his companies are just another company without him.

  12. Tesla didn't "slap" automakers or Self Driving software companies with the TrainingTile. This is putting IBM, Intel, Motorola, Cray etc. [ie: microprocessor mfgs] on notice. They are all going to be disrupted. Their "SuperComputerClusters" are all going to be eclipsed by Dojo. Tesla will place a few Training Tile Trays in data centers around the world and sell time. Tesla Time Sharing on DOJO is coming. Google,AWS,IBM,L3 – Take notice! or be disrupted. This is a new multi trillion dollar venue for Tesla. It will eclipse everything else.

  13. You are witnessing the driver for Johnny cab on Mars be sure to pay your cab fee or it will try and run you over and we now have someone to blame when the machine becomes self aware so 2022 is gonna be nuts

  14. This will be able to do so much and at a speed that humans will probably not be able to match in environments too caustic for humans and without human needs

  15. Instead of a black and white robot, next month I can guess we might see a white and black robot from China that will claim to do fantastic things in two months. They will try to snag investment money, while claiming they had one first.

  16. All this tech and modern science can't fix my hemorrhoids

    Fix hemorrhoids before humanoids!!!