Elon Musk's URGENT MESSAGE To Everyone: "These Are TERRIFYING!"

Elon Musk’s URGENT MESSAGE To Everyone: “These Are TERRIFYING!”

A super-impressive, game-changing Tesla-bot, Optimus, is on the verge of release in the market. Elon Musk is there to supervise the whole project. Recently he shared with all of us the release date and price of this Humanoid. What do you think the price would be? Also, let’s check out some significant amazing features of the Optimus robot.

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During a recent appearance on TED talk, Elon Musk disclosed the manufacturing timetable and estimated price of Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus. Optimus Prime and the humanoid robot’s future in civilization were discussed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Chris Anderson.

Elon Musk told Anderson, “You know, the first units that Tesla tend to produce are for tasks that are risky, dull, repetitive and things that people don’t want to do.”

Tesla is expected to unveil an “interesting prototype” of the Optimus robot later this year, and “may have something usable” by 2023, according to Musk. Within the next two years, he believes Tesla’s humanoid robot project will expand. Musk believes that the utility of Optimus will expand rapidly year over a year around 2025.

During their conversation, Anderson and Musk spent some time imagining how Optimus might work at home rather than at work. Tesla’s humanoid robot, according to Anderson, is akin to a personal butler. Elon Musk described Optimus as more of a companion robot with a variety of uses and shapes, including a catgirl.

Musk believes that as the humanoid robot’s valuable capabilities grow, Tesla’s costs will fall as the company ramps up manufacturing of Optimus. Elon Musk had this to say on the pricing of Optimus: “I don’t believe the cost is going to be insanely high, like less than a vehicle.”

Unfortunately, Elon Musk did not provide the manufacturer or model of the automobile that he used to determine the price of Optimus. Anderson, on the other hand, proposed a budget of roughly $25,000.

Anderson then posed the topic that has been on many people’s thoughts since Tesla announced Optimus: how will it affect the employment market?

Musk has stated several times that Optimus will be designed for risky and boring occupations at first. However, as Tesla’s humanoid robot obtains more sophisticated capabilities, some have speculated about its potential impact on the labor sector.

Anderson said that the annual cost of a humanoid robot employee would be significantly cheaper than that of a human employee. A human worker, on the other hand, would be unable to work the same long hours as a humanoid robot and would not want to take vacations.

Musk responded, “I wouldn’t worry about throwing people out of work. I believe we are going to have and already have a severe labor shortage. So I don’t think we’ll have people out of work, but we’ll still have a labor shortage in the future.”

Tesla’s CEO has previously expressed concern about a labor shortage. Globally, decreased birth rates might be to blame for human labor shortages. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit, Musk mentioned dropping birth rates briefly.

Elon Musk has discussed the potential of a dismal future with Optimus Prime. Musk was outspoken about AI’s influence on human life before Tesla announced ambitions to build a humanoid robot.

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  1. Techknowledgey IS Not always progress !!!
    The robot and computer industries were developed to assist mankind; "NOT REPLACE IT"!!!
    I think that the technological age is destroying us. Can anyone tell me what type of technology that was put together to better mankind that can not be turned against our productivity rather than to help us ?
    People cry about the little guys and gals playing with cap guns while their older brothers and sisters are sitting in front of GRAND THEFT AUTO trying to figure out how they can actually get away with that kind of thing themselves…

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    He then brings out a robot.
    Only time will tell us where he really stands, I would not trust him as far as I could spit.

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    Any way good try.
    I give no damn.
    Am gonna be forever however I like, when I like, and where I like.
    You guys are funny

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    Elders who want to stay at home but can’t due to physical problems and have to go into nursing homes.

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    Digital intelligence a sets of fixed machine language instructions will never ever surpass biological intelligence!

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