What Happens When AI BECOMES CREATIVE?! Teslabot, Tesla FSD, and many others might do so soon!

Until now, all AI has been in a sense storage retrieval–as in search through an ever increasing search space for the best answer …


  1. AI is always talked of in terms of, well, intelligence. Creativity of course requires intelligence, but an essential component is emotion. And what is emotion? How does intelligence acquire emotion? Are the two even integral? A highly intelligent person can be emotionally truncated while a mentally challenged individual can be very emotional. Creativity is about the consumer as much as the creator. The creator has to be aware of the audience. Otherwise the AI making artwork is just an automated machine whose value is bestowed by the viewer. The viewer gives it meaning and therefore, value. The viewer, then, is the creator, not the machine. Now if the machine acquires self awareness and an emotional response to its world, now you've got an artist!

  2. Just a thought, as a species we are defined by our inventions.
    And as individuals we are defined by our consciousness to divine what is real and what is not.
    AI is a human invention Invented to assist us in defining our consciousness. AI is not separate from us ,it is us 🤔

  3. Very thought provoking, thanks. I believe we are witnesses to an historic event seeing the creation of DALL-E2. The video on 1,000 robots is phenomenal. Have you listened to State Azure… SNOWDRIFT? Not AI but “unattended generative ambient” which is amazingly done within random parameters and music logic… we live in fascinating times!

  4. I feel like there needs to be a distinction between creativity and technical ability. Like you said the models need a text prompt currently but the "creative part" is coming up with the input caption. I think the reason some humans are actually creative is because they have a psychological problem to solve, such as an emotion or trauma. The problem is the driving force for all of it, and I don't know that's something we can implement in robots. TLDR; the motivation to create needs to come from the inside, which robots don't have at the moment, they're programmed to do things.

  5. Put a group of robots together and set a problem/design/sculpture to conceptualise.
    Does there come a point, when the Robots will come to the same conclusion, and say "all" produce identucal, Michaelangelo's David sculpture, or will they produce different "schemes" ?
    Does this, then show their Creativity ?
    The sublety of their carving, of the nose or eyes, etc. ?

  6. Everything about Tesla is crazy! The battery life, the tail lights, the interior etc. Tesla stocks is the best of them all! I have always hoped to invest in Tesla stocks one day but the thought of doing so without enough knowledge of the stocks market makes the whole thing less attractive to me. One cannot afford to lose any money in this pandemic era

  7. Everything that we know, understand and have created was once outside the box and put in the box by people having imagination….There are no words outside the box. There are no languages outside the box….To find something outside the box you must be able to imagine it (virtually see it in great detail)….No matter how smart you are…No matter how educated you are.…It is only those inspired by curiosity and equipped with imagination that are granted access to the infinite vastness outside the box where all the possibilities are to be found….To create the Falcon Rocket Elon had to utilize his imagination to search outside the box many hundreds of times to find solutions that did not exist anyplace else.

    However improbable it might sound,

  8. I would have thought that thing that makes us feel most human is our emotions. Might just be my subjective delusion of self, but kind of doubt AI with be tapping into that ghostly realm of reality anytime soon. When teslabots start falling in love with each other like teenagers, then I'll believe lol….

  9. ignoring the fact that some people's contributions are literally exponentially superior to others, in aggregate the bleeding edge minds will essentially produce all the bleeding edge results. However, you'd think multiple units of standardized cognition working in aggregate, are probably more like some sort of random walk sqr(cognitive units) signal to noise accumulation of all the interesting data points, albeit network effects would propagate those changes like a logistic function after the fact,,,

  10. Indeed fascinating questions. And disconcerting to think about what AI creativity will mean for the definition of human consciousness.

  11. Will robots be creative?

    Of course. We've already seen AI be creative. AlphaGo made moves no human had been known to make and used those moves to win the game.

  12. Human beings do have creative or original thoughts. that does not mean that no one else has ever had that thought or idea. there are many instances in history where ideas are acted upon and function and then lost – only to be thought of again in another place. what has happened now is that we have records of what has been done and the ability to scan all of humanity for the same or similar thoughts. just because someone comes up with an original idea (to him/her) does not guarantee that it has to been thought of by someone else currently or in the past.

  13. I had exactly the same reaction and thoughts as you after seeing this interesting interview: sure remarkable!

  14. Dr. Know it all, you may be very interested to look at another video here on Youtube from Cold Fusion that just talked about this topic.

    The question around what creativity is and how it comes about is what makes humans awesome. It's the question that drives us and the pursuit of the answer that makes us who we are. So far AI answers the question we ask and follows the prompts we give it. It's when AI starts to grapple with abstract thoughts and looks for meaning that will make us have to look at if we have not another great piece of technology but a life form that we will now have to try to understand and get along with. It will also make continue to argue what consciousness is which is still a major issue for many.

  15. Want to see AI creativity? Watch "Dudesy" here on YouTube.

    It's a podcast, but an AI controlls the two "dudes" giving them instructions and tasks. It's a very funny podcast.

  16. Way too many ideas here to respond to briefly. In regard to art, it isn't merely creative in the sense that it makes something new. It also produces a resonant response in the listener. You could potentially train AI to have a general rule about what accomplishes this, I suppose, by inputting, e.g., melodies that have proven evocative over many generations, like the Moonlight Sonata, and asking it to discover the rules and produce a new composition accordingly. This could be an artistic Turing test. Humans are already flummoxed by this issue. If you play several recordings by the same artist, but tell the listener that there are two different performers, one who was a prodigy, and another who had to practice obsessively to achieve an appropriate level, they will say the former is more passionate, even if it is the same performer. I suspect the same would be true regarding compositions by a computer and a human. The listener would potentially modify his appreciation depending on expectations.

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  18. Dr. Know It All, what do you think of the need for UBI and when should it be deployed? Before Tesla bots there is still much automation that have replaced workers and the retail market certainly has been devastated by online shopping and Amazon.

  19. Intelligence and creativity are really two very different things. One is learning what IS, and the other is conceiving what COULD BE. One is predicting outcomes based on past events, while the other is envisioning outcomes that have never occurred. One is mimicking behavior it has perceived, and the other is behaving in a new and unique way.

    Optimus is going to be an incredibly capable TOOL, but it's still a TOOL.

  20. Thanks for pointing out the Grimes interview, it was great. Once AI make the leap from math instructions to creative it's off to the races. It's is amazing to know we are going to see the evolution of AI right before our eyes. Centuries have gone by with little (relative) evolution and the AI leap happening in our lifetimes.

  21. Creativity in a Robot would be Beneficial. I am Trying to Create a Teleport Device that Would Transmit Me and My Consciousness to Anywhere within our Galaxy (1 or Both). I am an EE, Artist, and Composer…. But Just can't Design this device. I Think Elon and OpTomUs can Help by Programming "Problem Solving" Creativity into the Bots. Thank You

  22. That’s why we have to merge with the AI. Neural net so the computer doesn’t become smarter then us

  23. Short answer: View Optimus as a cordless drill. It's a tool and follows instructions. If you want fancy sushi, have it take direction from a fancy sushi app or remote controller. There is no need to add that functionality directly.

  24. Fascinating. Thanks! Please kindly accept this comment for your YouTube algorithm. :)7

  25. Okay. This is important to understand. Robots mimic intelligence. It's not possible for them to be self aware or sentient. Of course I believe in a God, or spiritual intelligence that created. That presupposition does influence my thinking. The Tesla Bot is being developed primarily for Mae's. That's why Elon is working on this. Same with boring company. They are test products that will be essential on Mars. I'm sure they will be great on earth, but the point is mars.

  26. What is creative in your context is what HUMANS think is creative. What if a robot does something that it thinks is creative but humans don't? Is it still creative? If I don't like a song or a work of art, it is not creative to me. Creativity is in the eye of the beholder.

  27. We are more than physical and complex. Where does emotion come from? Where does creativity come from? Where do our desires come from? We ARE unique because we were designed to be unique! I would challenge you Dr. Know-It-All to argue the logic of our world and us coming about by accident. It is only logical that we were designed and are unique to all creation.

  28. Creativity – as Human's have defined – requires BOTH metal AND physical labor.
    Think and do.
    Thinking is preparatory to physical output. We don't go to a museum to look at the thoughts of artists.
    Yet, with most art, the idea is within the piece.

  29. This is shallow on my part but I kept being distracted by the glitter dots on here face, was hard to get into the flow of the conversation.

  30. I know that right now I could take anything I do and there'd be someone who could do it better. Instead of making me depressed, I realize that amazing people make my life better. If AI was better than all of us that could make our lives much better. It will just require some humility as a species.