Tesla and SpaceX Unlimited – Developing the entire solar system

I, Brian Wang, make the case and projects out what a hugely impactful development it would be for SpaceX and Tesla to develop a complete gigafactory with its supply chain and sending those to the moon and Mars and elsewhere.

Those systems could have a one to two-year duplicating time. 40 years and two year duplication means 1 million gigafactories instead of the starting one.

Summary of the Concept of the Tesla SpaceX Singularity

Gigafactories with integrated supply chain
Raw Materials gathered and Gigafactories out
Teslabots and Boring Company Mining Capable
SpaceX Starships Mass Produced
Factories and that build the factories transportable in a few thousand Starships (600,000 tons or less)

Tesla and SpaceX are Creating Complete Vertical Integration with a Simplified Civilization Supply Chain

Solar and Batteries scale completely
Self driving cars and self driving construction machines
More automated factories
Tesla bots able to do mining and factory work
Boring tunnels for mining and habitat construction

Speed of Gigafactory Replication? About one to two years.

Replicated Gigafactories at 1 Billion tons per year

Industrialize the Solar System Based Upon Doubling Time

Industrializing Solar System with 26 Doublings
Double Every 25 Years – 650 Years
Double Every Five Years -140 Years
Double Every Two Years – 52 Years

1 Million Complete Factories
100 Million Starships Per year
10 Trillion Bots per year
1000 Terawatts of solar per year

1% Industrializing Solar System with 26 Doublings

This singularity kicks off when
Thousand Starships to launch one Gigafactory and its supply chain that can make more solar, batteries, bots, mining, processing, Starships and other gigafactories.

My blog has NASA and Mars Society analysis on mining on Mars. Steel, cement and more can be done on Mars.

Background of Brian Wang

I have lectured four times at Singularity University. The Singularity University was created by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis. Ray wrote the Singularity is near. I have spoken a few times with Ray and Peter. They were interviews where I was performing the role of reporter for his website Nextbigfuture. Ray Kurzweil wrote the book the Singularity is Near.

I have given lectures on the nanotechnology track for four years in a row. They were annual updates on the developments in nanotechnology. This was done because I have written over 30,000 articles on science, technology and the future and stay up to date on all highly impactful science and technology. Ralph Merkle and Robert Freitas were the Singularity University nanotechnology track leads. I have met and spoken Robert Freitas and Ralph Merkle have met and spoken with a couple dozens of times.

Robert Freitas performed a 1981 study for NASA on self-replicating factories on the moon. This was all mining and the factory machines for a complete closed system.

I provide my background, technical background on the concept of self-replicating factories so that you, the reader, understand that this is a well-thought-out and researched concept.

I am a SpaceX investor and is a member of angel investment groups including Space Angels and Allocations which each make many space investments. I have lectured at Singularity University and spoken at TEDX. He has been a speaker at various technology and business conferences. He was the keynote for an MJAA annual event.

Brian Wang:
NextBigFuture: &


I have been interviewed by Warren Redlich and Emmet Peppers to discuss Tesla, EVs and batteries. This is just to indicate that I have deeply researched Tesla, it technology and processes.

I worked for several years for a $50 billion corporation to create annual and quarterly enterprise reports, analysis and projections for the office of the CFO and board. I am head of research for the Allocations investment group. I am a top-ranking forecaster at the prediction site Metaculus.
Out of hundreds of resolved predictions, I have been correct over 80% of the time.

Note: This video not a prediction but it does show the power and scaling of this approach to solar system colonization and development. However, I think a great deal of this will and should happen.

Background on Self-Replicating Factories
Robert Freitas 1981 – A Self-replicating, growing lunar factory
Robert Freitas 1983- Building Athens Without the Slaves
An Architecture for Self-Replicating Lunar Factories by Gregory S. Chirikjian
Department of Mechanical Engineering Johns Hopkins University
NIAC Phase I Award: October 1, 2003 – March 31, 2004
Final Report, April 26 2004


  1. Awesome. This guy gets it! Thank you. I'd expect doubling rates to increase for a number of reasons. First of all, there should be some initial some ramp-up time to get those supply chains going, but within a few years here, if we're not already there, I expect we won't be anywhere near as dependent on humans like Elon Musk and his team to find and promote right answers, to produce great engineering as the machines begin to take over those roles. Which may have already happened.