The Tesla of Robot Vacuums! Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra has SO many features! I’ll test its new dock and see what this robot vacuum is really capable of.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Tesla of robot vacuums
1:49 Kid test for cleaning
3:53 The Ultra dock
6:07 Advanced features
8:51 Summary
9:19 5 second rule


Space Trooper by DivKid

The End by EVA


  1. I did think of one missing feature: following my kids around to clean up their path of destruction.

  2. I love my roborock, think I got the s5. really good price, and adequate for my needs, though self emptying would be nice, the bin is so small. I also have a dyson and it gets stuff the robo doesn't, but the robo does relatively good with light duty cleaning.

  3. @SmartHomeSolver, try to compare it ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI. Even though I recently got my Roborock s7 maxv ultra, I feel like Omni is a better with subtle perks such as mop drying, saying commands directly to the device etc.

  4. It's neat but I kind of wondering why they don't offer a flat version of the dock which fits under the kitchen cabinet (after removing a section of the socket).

    This way it could be connected to fresh and waste water and not use tanks. The vacuum tank could be cleaned with flushing it out as well 🙂

    A simple door mechanism where you can connect the removed kitchen socket board would hide it completely – which would be so much more comfortable than having it sit there in a room all the time

  5. Does it work with Google or Smartthings? I have a first generation Samsung CycloneForce so we are due for an upgrade. You didn't happen to get a discount code?? 😁 This is not cheap!

  6. Kind of want one but I’ll pass until they get rid of the bag. The replacing the bag was a shitty move to make extra money.

  7. Amazing, S6 is great, just the mop and the water tank is one weak point.
    This new one, with the dock is really and upgrade. Great job roborock

  8. I've got two German Shepphards and 3 cats. It takes 2 (both Roborock) vacs to keep up with them in a daily basis. Send that thing my way, I'll see how it does.

  9. I just got this set up yesterday I was really impressed at how fast it maped my whole house, and it just works, it goes immediately to the room you assign cleans it and then returns back to the dock. Ran it multiple times in different rooms and it never got stuck once.

  10. Great video! Unfortunately it's sold out in US and I have to order from China (for half of the price though).

  11. Amazing video! Already have the S5 max and I love it. Will probably upgrade it in the future. Sadly there is one really annoying issue with all roborock vacuums. The cliff detection sensors at the bottom think that a black carpet is a cliff… so it won't go on them. Since you probably have someone to contact at roborock I was wondering if you could point out this issue to them. They have known about it for the past 2 years but still no fix (like the ability to just disable the cliff sensors & put virtual walls at cliffs)

  12. There's no such thing as a smart home. What progress have we really made? Automatic lights and a remote control vacuum cleaner?
    We are really good at installing microphones and cameras in our house tho. Buyer beware.

  13. I have the S7 MaxV and am trying to purchase the Ultra Dock, does anyone know where I can?

  14. Honestly the dock being able to clean the vacuum and change the water is enough of a convenience to justify the cost. But how long until some third-party sells a container solution to replace the bag. Also do the mopping pad smells?

  15. Man, one of the things that stops us from running our S5 MAX whenever (preferably on a schedule!) without having to pick stuff up is wires and similar that it gets stuck on. I guess I'll keep waiting to upgrade, as Roborock still can't handle this situation. I love the "dock" idea that it cleans everything. Much closer though! I guess it'll be next year or the year until we can upgrade where they have really nailed cleaning normal people's homes! 🙂

  16. This is a hard No for me. Not until there is oversight into the information the vacuum is sending to the company and a users’ ability to make sure it doesn’t get sold to other companies

  17. It’s the Cadillac of robot vacuums not the tesla. They aren’t luxary please get it out of your mind they have terrible panel gaps.

  18. If noise is an issue turn the vac on when you leave the house to go grocery shopping.

  19. I got the S5 and now the S6 Max and I really like them. The price of this one is… a bit too high though.

  20. Thanks so much for this video, extremely helpful! I also saw similar features in the Deebot X1 plus/omni model. Have you tried that one and what is your opinion on the features, functionality and value?

  21. Maybe this has been asked before, but I haven't seen the answer, so I'll ask my question. Does the robot have spatial awareness, in other words, if you pick it up and move it to another room during it's vacuuming cycle, or if you start it in another room from it's base station, does it know where it's at?

  22. While nice, I don't want my vacuum to be on display. It needs to be hidden when not in use, including the dock.

  23. It's my favorite robot vacuum so far, the S7 was nice but lacked the AI object recognition, the new self cleaning mop is great. I love that it can refill itself