Close-up of Tesla 'Optimus' Bot


  1. It’s a statue or concept of what Team Tesla is aiming for.

    Guaranteed to have a size battery since Elon has been developing on one since BEFORE he purchased and sold Maxwell Technologies.

    Dry-cell infused with solar panels on body and a charge system at the foot. You can have the first gen bot running for atleast 72 hours on a charge.

    In 5 years Ai will be fully conscious

  2. Yea this may only be a hollowed out version, a statue as it were, just to show the dimensions. But I can dig it. It’s pretty dope. Though, I think I’ll just wait for the…. thicc version.

  3. Im gonna dress my tesla bot in nice suits and give him a mustache. Hes gonna be my companion

  4. How do I buy an artificial intelligence that can design and manufacture electronic devices and where can I get it?

  5. I'm gonna LOL when certain companies like the doll-house get their hands on a working version.

  6. Mannequin, when they fit enough batteries in there to run it for an appropriate amount of time without a huge backpack. Then i will give it a standing ovation