Tesla's Secret AI Robot Is CONFIRMED!! (Tesla AI Day Update)

We’re giving you the breakdown of everything that happened at Tesla AI Day including the tesla humanoid AI robot, Dojo supercomputer, tesla vision and what this means for Tesla FSD and Tesla as an artificial intelligence company.

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  1. It’s official.. Tesla Robot is coming! How much would you pay for your own Tesla Bot?

  2. Omg I always wanted this, its now like my dream come true!
    I’ve always wanted Humanoid shaped Robots to exist in this world
    Thank you Elon 🙃

  3. Every movie I watched if the person says we’re changing the world they’re usually the villain

  4. Yeah… What if Elon himself is not what he says he is. What if he is actually an AI robot himself. Who knows, maybe he is the Evil version of the good Ai Robot that he will be releasing next year.

  5. Well, it's finally here people, the beginning of the end, see you in the Matrix…

  6. Can’t wait to see the first documentary about the serial killer of robots. Either way, yet the robots as the victim’s is more what I’m leaning for. OMG smh

  7. I remembered when this happened, didnt turn out too well but at least we kinda won……
    Well back to the future ill comment on this in 30 years, gotta obey the treaties (oops)

  8. He was the same person who said Ai was evil 👿 anything for a check Elon is a demon seed

  9. Boston Dynamics is the robot company, Tesla is a wannabe. You fanboiz are sadly pathetic. Tesla cars are NOT robots, LOL Musk is so full of 💩 and you fanboiz eat it by the shovelful. Musks track record is shit. Tesla is ridiculously overrated. Fanboiz are just pathetic

  10. Robotic car has only killed a couple of people. Wonder how the robotic people will do?
    How do the cars work in heavy rain or slushy snow? When I drive in these conditions, I don't drive with my head out the window.
    BTW: Watch the body language in the video.

  11. That future and like others already in place does not include everyone. There will be many that will not follow that future and will end up on mars. Wear water wings.

  12. I’m a bit confused. This is the same guy warning the world about the dangers of AI.. Right?

  13. Is it just me or does it seem like this AI Bot would potentially be great in the SpaceX lineup for work on getting Mars ready for humans?

  14. Making AI "safe" is easy, just NEVER attempt to emulate ANY emotions. Without emotions (fear, greed, grief, anger, envy, lust, jealous, etc) robots would never perceive us as a threat, just operating on pure logic for the greater good rather than self. Emotions in AI = dangerous.

  15. Thank you. Yours is a lucid summary. I've listened to a bunch of them, and you did great. The pics are a great aid.

  16. This guy. Musk: We must beware A.I. Intelligence.
    Also Musk: Build it anyway. Fuk it lol.

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