Elon Musk recently revealed his brand new TESLA BOT which is a terrible idea for mankind. Have you seen Terminator or The Matrix or iRobot with Will Smith???

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  1. Where can I find the uh…. Thumbnail? I need it for research purposes….

  2. I cant wait until Elon realize the internet likes cat hybrids and decides to make a cat-girl robot feature and eventually gets backlash for this abomination.

  3. finally the most wholesome of cyberpunk stories, Blade Runner, is going to become a reality!

  4. "One of the most important innovators in history."
    Oof, oh boy, erm… might wanna read up on that one, Bread-Boy. Guy didn't create shit. He's just an investor who got lucky and has been buying his success ever since.

  5. This is not good What if some crazy person hacks the robot and makes it do things that it’s not supposed to like committing crimes
    We would not want that it would be world war 3 up in this bud

  6. Alexa was great example of spyware and now this. It will spy all day then f*ck all night))