The awesome robot that charges your EV while you sleep

The awesome robot that charges your EV while you sleep

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  1. My guess is that cities will ban the robot – somebody will get hurt.
    Imagine one of these in LA and a homeless person is camped/sleeping on the street – an invasion of a home is going to be charged against the robot's company.

    AAA is the one that should be involved here – you call AAA and they come out and charge your car for 15 minutes and you get the bill.

    this is a perfect example of an invention flailing around for a solution to solve…

  2. Despite the economic downturn, I'm so happy 😊I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days.

  3. Good idea but… it needs to have a law that consents autonomous vehicle to go around by themselves with no supervision.
    And apart from that, think how many of these things will be crashed by stupid people with cars, trucks, etc…😅

  4. Hey mate, the audio quality in your recent videos seem to be poor. I suggest you reducing the gain on the mic.

  5. is it financially sound? the idea sounds interesting, but if it doesn't make financial sense then it has no future. in china, fixed fast charging stations take 2-3 years to get investment money back, at fees lower than tesla. that got servicing companies to invest on public chargers. and chargers for ebikes take only one year to get your money back.

  6. The video shows the problem more EVs needing a charge than robots. We are talking about apartment complexes with thousands of units. With thousands of EVs needing a charge.

  7. It is over-engineering the problem. We can manage with what we have already. It represents expenditure for convenience and does not aid the primary objective of energy efficiency and emissions reduction to mitigate climate change. In the same space as hotel valet parking.
    P.S. audio still distorted.

  8. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how..

  9. A fairly minor use case but not entirely useless. Probably, more stopgap than something of lasting significance. If all the bits could be reimplemented – part for part exchangeable, transformer style – into forklifts or low speed buggies and transports (of varying kinds) then companies designing products like this could easily find that the specialised low speed electric and ICE vehicle market is ripe for a shake up.

    This company won't be alone, however. Big companies, e.g. Amazon, are working hard to capture much of the business that arises once the old demarcations defining the current map of transport industry sectors get disruptively wiped away.

  10. How much does the Ziggy cost and how many cars per Ziggy and who will pay for this initial purchase? If amortized over the number of cars the Ziggy is capable of charging per day you could get a per EV investment cost. Nice to have solutions but the it seems a bit inefficient. A gas station can refuel 1000's of cars much more rapidly. Hopefully the technology moves us forward not backwards regarding cost and convenience. But encouraging none the less.

  11. Spend the money on a good electrician and put in a charger at every parking spot in this parking ramp example it would be much less expensive than this idiotic idea

  12. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  13. Could you ever imagine Robots filled with Petrol doing this ! I think a universal plug in all electric vehicles will be needed eventually that accepts a mechanical solid charging probe instead of a cord

  14. Car with Solar panels is why we wait for the German build XBus. Small, cheap and modular EV.

  15. So level 5 autonomy? No, I can't imagine this being practical. Wouldn't mask men just load it onto a van and use it for scrap?

  16. Most people living in Chinese and European cities also live in apartments and that hasn't stopped EV adoption

  17. It would be preferable if all parking garages were equipped with wireless charging bays !
    However I presume that Ziggy, can be charged wirelessly, at it's own charging station in the parking garage ?

  18. Not the same as actual robot hand that plugs itself in or wireless charging, one of those will be required for full robotaxi autonomy

  19. Like you said depends upon the situation .
    I remember when banks started putting ATM's inside drugstores and Convenience stores and some Mom and Pop stores.
    The bad guys during the closing hours , would come up to the window with a big pickup trucks, smash the window put a chain around the ATM machine and drag it out.
    The movie Gone in 60 minutes comes to mind . The bad guys will come up along side one of these things as "iT" is going down the road and haul RoBBie into the back of a pickup truck or inside the large Van truck.

    Around a "no crime area" with beautiful California roads this should work as planned.
    For this to go any where to where it is summoned to, You now bring into play FSD.
    FSD is still in Beta stage .
    FSD still doesn't anticipate erratic driving by humans.

    To this DAY , put your EV in "FSD" ~But~ keep your hands on the wheel or Yoke 🧐

    (Does RoBBie come with hands ❓️❔️❓️😳 )
    Does this thing come with Winter tires ? I can see a bunch of drivers stopping their cars getting out and helping to push "RoBBie" out of a snowdrift 🙄.

  20. Brilliant…. Sounds great. I would love to see these Robots roaming around charging cars…

  21. Haha I would like to see that one struggle in kneedeep snow. But the product aint bad.

  22. Its a possible solution in a enclosure like a carpark, it would depend on say the cost savings ie putting in cable around a multistorey carpark and all the disruption that would cause, but insurance on these big batteries incase they set the hole carpark on fire 🔥 mite be rather a lot .

  23. I remember seeing the first one of these robot chargers patents from VW. The thought was to have the vehicle back up by itself to make the charger port available and the robot arm connects automatically.

  24. A mobile charging network can be a huge hit. Huge! Solving a lot of problems with stationary networks. I should use it for sure! Still has a problem: needs a person to connect it to the car or to the electric network. This is to be solved before striking the market.

  25. How does ziggy robot handle putting the cable into the charging port ? That I wish to see.