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You’re on the PRO Robots channel and in this video we bring you the latest in high-tech news. Jetpack racing, boots for walking through the meta universe, drones for fruit picking, Tesla and Boston Dynamics, new DARPA competitions and other high-tech news in one issue!

0:00 In this video
0:20 Cargo hybrid drone
1:02 Tesla News
1:50 Transportation to explore the moon and Mars
2:34 Boston Dynamics News
3:14 Surgery performed by a robot
4:07 Meta Company
4:50 Red Bull 2022 Contest
5:22 Cost effectiveness of robotaxis
6:15 Drones for inspection
6:48 Darpa
7:58 Drone fruit picking
8:29 Shoes for the metaverse
9:15 New type of robotic grippers
9:44 A submarine with 2 arms
10:20 A drone that launches with a cannon
10:49 Company Motorica

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  1. Saying 'Kirigami' without enlightening us as to the meaning was not cool, not professional.
    Care about your audience. Entertain and educate them.
    You don't get extra points for leaving us hanging.

  2. The tethered fruit pickers would have to be solar powered.
    The main unit would have to roll out a long runner carpet of photovoltaic cells and reel them in as it slowly rolls along.

  3. Battery operated taxis won't work either, a diesel engine car can last for 200,000 miles before it is at the end of it's life, how long will Lithium batteries last when constantly going through charge cycles? not 200,000 miles worth.

  4. Musk promises highly depend on his canabis suppliers, sometimes its bad, sometimes just worse..

  5. Tesla doesn't need to bring out new models as long as they don't start blowing up like their competitors vehicles are

  6. He basically is saying its not ever gonna be done. Lithium will hyperinflate. The Japanese has already built a Gundam. These are pretty funny.

  7. ខ្ញុំឈឺចាប់ពេលដឹងថាមនុស្សស្រីដែលខ្ញុំស្រលាញ់ខ្លាំងបំផុតក្បត់ខ្ញុំRaក្បត់ខ្ញុំទៅរៀបការនឹងនាក់ថ្មី។គុំនំមួយនេះត្រូវតែសងសឹក

  8. The fact that Uber has realized it needs humans to wash and service the vehicles makes me think that they should just forget about using autonomous vehicles. They are getting a taste of what it feels like to pay for the vehicle, the insurance and maintenance which they currently have provided by the drivers. I worked for Lyft and had to purchase a new vehicle in order to meet their requirements, this made me start with a $45,000 initial investment, then I had to invest in all the cleaning products for the vehicle maintenance, I paid for the insurance and any tickets I received and found that after driving all day then cleaning the vehicle and paying for the gasoline to fill the car for the next day, that I was working in a deficit. Lyft only pays their drivers from the time they do a pickup to the time they do the drop off. They do not pay you for the time it takes to get to the passengers location, so many times I would be up to 5-10 miles away and spend 20 minutes getting to the passenger all on my time and dollar.Many days if not all of them , at the end of my day I would be many miles from my home base, and Lyft doesn’t pay the driver for returning home, nor do they pay the driver for time spent waiting for a passenger. I found that you could be idle waiting at the airport for up to an hour to get a customer who then would only need a ride to their hotel near the airport. That could end up being a $3.00 ride and no tip and that’s all you made for an hour. When you factor in the total cost a driver incurs every day given that they are providing the vehicle the registration fees the licensing maintenance and fuel, there’s no way you can make any money, plus you are putting a ton of miles on your new vehicle and loading it with passengers that don’t respect your vehicle and leave trash inside while expecting to get a free bottle of water and a charger for their phone, it’s just not worth the effort.I ran at a loss for two years and had to drive in Los Angeles county in some very sketchy locations with a lot of scary and demanding customers who don’t tip even after they say they will because they tip in the app after the fact. And a lot of people use Lyft to transport their unaccompanied minors to school and back which is against policy but you don’t know this until you get to the location and then you have just drove all that way to get to them you don’t want to be a policy enforcer and just end up driving the child to school. On my last day driving I was stuck giving rides in Lynwood Inglewood and Watts round and round and while driving to pick up a fare the police came up behind me and flashed their lights, I pulled over and both officers came to both my passenger and drivers doors with their guns pulled ready to shoot, they asked what I was doing in that part of town and I showed them my documents and explained I was a Lyft driver as they could clearly see the Lyft stickers and light up device on my dashboard. They put their guns down and told me they thought I was driving with paper plates because I have a vanity plate on the car and they told me to make sure in the future to use my blinkers even though I wasn’t making a turn. The entire experience of seeing those officers with their guns pulled caused me to have a severe panic attack and had to drive straight home, I never did another ride after that I was too traumatized. Plus I have a disability which allows me to drive with my service dog on my lap and I can’t tell you how many times people gave me a bad rating for having a dog in the car, and if ever there is an issue with a passenger complaint, the company always takes the passengers word and they never support their drivers. I. Glad that they are finding it uneconomical to provide an autonomous fleet of vehicles and realizing that they need humans anyway. After all the money they have made at the expense of the drivers it serves them right and I hope they spent a fortune on the technology they won’t be using.

  9. When they get past the firmament let us know. I’m 40 plus – been hearing about space exploration for 30 years STOP IT

  10. It's so funny how people still use Facebook even after Zuckerberg called people and i quote " dumb fucks" .

  11. This Tech could have been made in an amateurs Garage I don't get why this BS Tech has taken 50yrs to be made when these technologies could have helped humankind in the 70s took us til now that these BS technology finally coming to Market just looks like sci Fi ideas made into reality

  12. Why on Earth would anyone be pro-robots? That's like being pro human obsolescence and extermination. You see what the government is doing now wait till they get all their robots in place then we're really useless to them and they can expedite the real depopulation. Have you not seen every sci-fi movie ever made ever? What the fuck is wrong with people?

  13. Good luck with all that Lunar regolith, Toyota Japan.
    Your astronauts will be tracking all of that in to the vehicle through the giant garage door on it's side.

  14. A company like Uber doesn’t necessarily have to buy their own robotaxis, people that already own FSD cars could make them work via the app


  16. Does anyone believe our Army will ever send any of these robots into a war for enemies to get the technology we have. Never all propaganda.

  17. How about a video of turkish drones? I mean they are not wreally bad and they have a great idear behind

  18. whys this dude always making my ears bleed. just had to turn the volume all the way down for a decent listening level