Tesla's Robot Revolution

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Humanoid robots have been in popular culture from the very beginning, and while robotics have come a long way, we still don’t have the humanoid, walking, general purpose robots of our sci-fi imaginations. But some companies, including Tesla, claim to be on the verge of finally making it a reality. But how likely is it, really?

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0:01 – Robots In Pop Culture
3:00 – Why Humanoid Robots?
5:14 – Boston Dynamics
6:04 – Tangent Cam
6:52 – Humanoids Are Personable
8:48 – Uncanny Valley
10:30 – Tesla Bot
11:43 – Where Are We Now?
13:18 – Balance
14:25 – Articulation
15:26 – Vision
16:37 – Battery Life
18:54 – Will They Take Our Jobs?
20:45 – Looking To The Future
21:28 – Sponsor – Henson Shaving


  1. No robots and no flying jet packs. Not in every house like was envisioned. We do have great communicators tho.

  2. I don’t have a robot or a flying car; SciFi lied to me!!! Although if I did have a robot that could take the dogs out then I would always have an answer to the question of: Who let the dogs out? 😃

  3. I can't imagine a clearer statement of dehumanizing disrespect to our infirm than to develop a robotic system of "care." Nor a more enhanced system of social isolation, a finer way of further elevating our value of independence over commitment to community, or a better strategy for denying every person's inevitable decline.

  4. We actually need very advance AI Robots for mars, specially to build.. even if we 3d print the buildings on mars that 3d printer needs to be an automata and any side bot like carrying bots (which amazon bots are really good at) or repairing bots… but yeah.. first advance space bots then advance house bots then possibly humans on mars… 2025 maybe?

  5. There are small human shaped robots that have perfect balance, and there are robots that can vary their grip on objects, and Spot has autonomous navigation with it's lidar and vision systems, as for battery, it is possible to create a generator system, it is also possible for a robot to wirelessly charge while being in certain locations, as soon as we combine AI, robotics, and human based design of robots, and let AI help with the design process, then we will have possibly sentient androids that pass for human, we already have neuromorphic chips and processors, as well as some chips that use real human brain neurons, so AI is advancing quickly, and robots now have no difficulty with balance, grabbing and manipulating things, and there are AI systems that recognize objects, so not only could an AI robot navigate, they can recognize faces, and just about any object, also the technology that can be used for robots could also be used for prosthetics for people, and already we have some bionic arms that give nerve feedback from touch, so we already have enough technology to build advanced humanoid robots, it's just to combine the different aspects of technology to make it, and as for batteries, there is new technology that might make a battery last for 10 or 20 years. But even with extended life battery systems, it might be possible for a humanoid robot to function for 16 hours and then charge for 8 hours in a special charging bed, even something like a key wind dynamo or generator system could charge batteries on the go, or they could carry around a portable charger in a backpack just in case their power gets low during the day, then they could wirelessly charge while wearing the backpack and going about their duties, so even things like battery life isn't too hard of a problem anymore.

  6. If you wanted to sell shaving blades you could have done a demonstration with your own beard.
    Tan tan taaaaaaan…

  7. Robots in Healthcare sounds awesome. If they were competent and capable of providing everything the patient needed that is. Human beings are really bad at giving a shit about other humans. It seems like every concern or need is met with an eye roll followed by gossip in the hallway with other nurses.

  8. Sophia has legs now, but they aren't very good quality, the HPR4c named miim chan, has much better legs, Sophia usually uses her wheeled assembly to get around.

  9. Wow this was a good video and its doing well. So is the channel, growing fast. Glad to see it, its been a long time coming.

  10. Sorry, Joe. I'm leaving. Your channel doesn't stimulate me and I'm sorry I ever subscribed. Goos luck with your endeavors. You've worked hard and deserve it.

  11. Movement, motor coordination, appropriate strength, etc is absolutely NOT intuitive for us. Our brain has to spend the first ten years or more of our lives and often more acclimating to the basic functionality of our bodies, and tasks requiring any more than the basic level of strength, flexibility, or fine motor control require yet more years of training after that.

  12. lol thats one of my favorite parts .. took forever to find out info on it back then Pre interwebs for the most part think it was called Siko or Sico and was made by international robots

  13. Robots folding clothes. It's still unsure if a manned Mars mission will ever even happen.

  14. Elon brought out a guy in a morph suit and said he could make that a robot next year. People need to stop believing this dude.

  15. I'm sure someone has already brought this up, but anytime I see, or hear someone talk about AI and robots I have to bring up Ex Macina. What a horrible idea lol.

  16. How long do I need to listen to this gibberish before I get the actual answer to the question he asked in the thumbnail?

  17. walking on mars is my bet. robots got some philosophical ethics and can spook ppl with hacker threats while walking on mars has political ethics issues (which i know little of). so im betting there's more ppl thinking their right about politics than ppl being knowledgeable about software and robotics.

  18. 21:10 We will sooner see robots folding our clothes. Why? You can sell those and make profit. Right now, putting humans on Mars is long term investment at best and generates a lot of loss while we still don't have regular trips to Moon, nor adequate protection for astronauts on a long journey and many more problems.

  19. all part of the sad direction of humanity, us & them is becoming more harshly defined. We used to have a middle class, somewhere a blue collar worker could aspire to be, or that their children might be able due hard work & enterprise. Now robots will cause the divide to solidify, the rich, with policed gardens, kept by robot gardeners. Then there will be us, very far away from them.

  20. Joe, you should give the movie Bicentennial Man from 1999 starring Robin Wiliams, a watch. It explores the interactions between robots and humans, as well as issues of property and freedom.

  21. 20:01 I think I'd prefer Marvin the paranoid android to let me know I'm dying then a bubbly feminine style one…

  22. I liked the moment you made the "Fully charged" joke. And I almost took it back when you said the playing god part.
    Who cares. So long as we do the math well.

  23. My yodeling dog Is really offended!! tsk tsk shame on you!! Don’t Yodel shame my dog!!,….lol love this channel!….

  24. This has all happened before, and it will happen again. Just as Caprica Six and Baltar.

  25. Greetings from the Netherlands! Humans are an idiot species and now they want to make robots, which can't feel pain and can't die??? Humans already destroy their own kind!
    It is very stupid to think, that humanoid robots will not try to kill us 😉 I do not need a robot to fold my clothes, so people will walk on Mars, before that happens.
    I do think you are right and Tesla is trying to attract (robitics) engineers to optimize their self driving cars… Elon Musk is not stupid!

  26. if you like musk, check out thunderfoot's channel. he does some great videos about Elon musk

  27. I think people walking on mars will be seen sooner than general purpose robots folding clothes.
    (I'm sure robots can already fold clothes, but it's not consumer-available for mass consumption)

  28. Every few years I look at the latest version of a robot to gauge how far we are in the future.

  29. When I was 13 years old, I wanted to build a robot that could learn. I drew up silly plans for how it could "gather information" from the world using cameras and microphones etc… I wrote a letter to Microsoft asking them to sponsor me. Obviously I never got any sort of response but I've always wanted to make that dream a reality.

    Now, 18 years later its interesting seeing things like this in the news.

  30. Robots as tools are and will be a growing thing. Fully autonomous robots will take some time.

  31. hmm autonomous cars in five years the next five years …er ok lets make that ten …er umm…..