Tesla is going through a MASSIVE CHANGE – Q4 Financials + OPTIMUS (Ep. 512)

I discuss TSLA’s Q4 financials and the potential they have for FSD, Robotaxi and Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robot.

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  1. Musk said the robot taxi with cost $5 and spit wads of cash out of the exhaust pipe. And it's electric so the pipe was installed just so it can spit out cash.

  2. I just realized today that Optimus could make Tesla as big as the G20 economies and maybe even the smaller G7 nations! Holy ring crap! Tesla shareholders will collectively be as powerful as Germany or the UK!! Think about that and see what happens to your brain! Optimus only has to be capable of the most basic yet economically valuable tasks to begin to go into production. It does not really need to be able to walk. It just needs to be able to operate one or two ( 3 or 4 or 5 or…..) arms and hands with a means to stabilize the arms. Locomotion could be any of a number of options from fixed in place to normal wheels. It only needs legs if legs are necessary for a task. It may even be just a Torso with a quad copter for a head to move around when needed!

  3. FSD is vaporware, Robotaxis are vaporware, and Tesla is at least 10 years being the competition in robotics and AI.

  4. Analysts are prisoned in their own models. Caught in their illusory paradigm. Furthermore these models are dead wrong solely looking at Tesla’s car business without FSD.

  5. The feeling I got was that Elon might not even want to sell a $25k car. It feels like he thinks there is no point. A Model 3 with FSD has increased it's utility so much that it's better than a $25k car. He might think that it's wasteful to proceed with that cheaper car. Anyone else get that feeling.

  6. I'll be delighted to be wrong on this, but I think fully autonomous driving is five years away at least. Consider all the obstacles that a driver could encounter on a given journey of ten miles, all the decisions that would have to be made. It will take a very long time to develop software to manage this.

  7. I agree this is revolutionary, but 90% of people will immediately reject the notion… until it happens. So TSLA is a huge buying opportunity for anyone who has cash left to buy in before everyone else sees FSD and real-world AI and autonomous general purpose bots *are real*. As it happens, I'm strapped, as my options play lost big time thanks to Elon's message going WAY over everyone's head.

  8. Great summary and overview of what was presented in the call, however if he was truly trying to shift the strategy from new models to autonomous making the current vehicles more economically attractive, he should’ve included some quantitative improvement data for FSD over the past year, in order to convince investors that this approach was becoming more viable.

  9. There's a shift going on in my mind with my perception of Tesla. Heretofore, it has been Tesla's mission = Good. This is because they're accelerating the transition to renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions, reducing pollution, saving lives. But with the advent of Optimus, I'm beginning to wonder if Tesla's mission = Bad if their end game is to eliminate human labor and give labor to machines/AI. People need to work, to labor. It's essential for survival, and in the highest sense, it brings meaning to people's lives. By taking this away…it could be devastating. I'm sure it's not black and white, there'll be a lot of gray. but we need to understand the ethics of this. Get clarity on what the mission is changing to.

  10. I don't scare easily but Optimus scares me a lot. Even though these things seem like a great idea from a financial perspective, it would be pretty darn stupid for the human race to replace itself with robots. Personally, I enjoy work,
    and millions of others do too. It would be hugely detrimental to all of us humans to remove it. Like nuclear weapons, it seemed like a good idea at the time to invent them, but once you've invented something you can't un-invent it ! Optimus, if successful, could easily wipe us all out in unforeseen ways.

  11. You gotta be blind to think robotaxi is happening anytime soon. Maybe another 5 years before people start risking it and sleeping in their cars, with the car making you agree to a disclaimer. Another 5 years for regulators to even start looking at it as a fully autonomous vehicle. By then itll have HW10 computer and a whole nother architecture. In no way shape or form is tesla going to retrofit current cars. The optimus robot was there purely to pump stock. Thats another 20 years away if not more.

  12. Wouldn’t it be nice if the stock would ever go UP again? This cratering is getting old while everyone keeps touting the hell out of it.

  13. I really would hope Elon would dance with the one that brought him to the party. Stick to cars. Screw the robot for now. Let's not get distracted by the next shiny thing right now. There is a ton to do in automotive and until Tesla has less the $30k car on the road the Chinese will take over the market. Sorry to disappoint you Dave, but now is not the time to take our eye off the ball.

  14. Why are all Tesla fans so blind to the obvious competition by BYD, Geely, Xpeng, Nio, SAC … and the list grows larger day by day.
    I guarantee that no one on this board has been keeping up with the growing competition, I mean how can they when Western media doesn't report on the news coming out of China, South Korea, even Vietnam. Reminiscent of the Japanese auto invasion in the 70's.

  15. Not just Tesla but the whole EV space is going through a massive change. Tesla is no longer king of the mountain. Sure, Tesla has scaled much faster than its competitors but that isn't always a good thing when the competition will soon be exporting better tech at a fraction of the cost.

  16. Come on Tesla, burn burn burn today 🔥 I have plenty of funds arriving to top up my stock tomorrow

  17. Can tesla sell their software to other EV maker so they do not have to reinvent the wheel? FSD hardware and Software.

  18. Whats the difference between FSD and AP? Does AP not already have the AI and software capable of FSD?

  19. Model Y first deliveries coming to UK on February 19th from China (not Berlin) as the cars are RHD.

  20. Said it before, say it again, model 2 (or whatever it will be called) will not be for the public, it will be Teslas robotaxi fleet car. Do the math, it will bring a lot more revenue than selling cars to consumers.

  21. Tesla is going to demolish production and delivers for 2022. Elon stated the chip shortage was like the toilet paper shortage. Tesla like every other company double and triple ordered, that’s why they are going to expand current vehicle production. Every automaker is going to have more chips than they need, but Tesla will sell every vehicle it makes. I think they’ll hit 2 million EOY

  22. The gap between long term investors and short term players was highlighted by this latest call. Those that just focus on the next quarter or two we’re not impressed by yesterday’s news. They focused on chip issues, Cybertruck delays etc, others understood the ramifications of general A.I. for Tesla. Long term players will take advantage of a short term pull back in the stock price and accumulate more stock. All is good if you can grasp Elon’s vision, those who don’t see it will miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Granted FSD/robo taxi may be reached in 1-2 years, Optimus subprime in 5-10 years. We are talking multiple S curves of growth for Tesla. Currently, we are in the first of three curves. If the labor market can be disrupted with Optimus, the stock price might equal the price of LR Model Y in years to come. Countries where is low population growth now have a way to address labor shortages.

  23. Do you think he is pushing hard on Optimus because he needs it to go to Mars before humans go? Mars appears to be his top priority.

  24. New paradigm…. With virtually no limits. We're fortunatre to be living in very interesting times!