Tesla Bot : Tesla reveals ROBOT in ai 2021

Do you know what is the biggest announcement by Elon Musk in Tesla’s 2021 Artificial Intelligence Conference (Tesla AI day 2021) ?

The answer is Tesla Bot !! Its a robot Tesla released recently, with sneak peak into how tesla bot is going to work. They also humored everyone with Tesla Bot Dance. 🙂

Tesla is known to be high-tech automobile manufacturer with cars like Tesla model X, Tesla model 3 and more. One of the key features Tesla cars have is Tesla self driving cars. In Tesla AI day 2021, they announced that they are actually one of the leaders in AI technology.
Elon Musk and Tesla announced the coming of ‘Telsa Bot’. Telsa say’s, the “Tesla Bot’ is the next generation, bi-pedal, humanoid robot capable of performing tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring. It uses the one of the best artificial technologies developed for Tesla auto pilot cars in the world.
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Do you think robots are going to be in our daily lives in future? There is already robot vacuum cleaners like Roomba. Also, Boston Technologies have been doing some path breaking work in Humanized Robots and they have models like Boston Technologies Atlasa and Boston Technologies Parkour.
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