lunch at u&me hotpot Orlando, robot restaurant and Tesla dancing

Tesla light show and u&me hotpot Orlando Florida , the robot restaurant


  1. Oh Hippie, you silly muppet! You blocked the path for that silly robot! 🙁 Im glad he told you off! The food looked so tasty! Seems like a really good restaurant! The cars light show was pretty dope aswell!

  2. That is absolutely the so called high tech awesome car light fun to see one sir and that robot resto i wonder if that machine spank me if i don't finish what he serve ahahha

  3. Wow amazing restaurants the one serve is a robot so HITECH at the same time many choices of seefoods . 😊

  4. I had to come back and watch from the beginning. I love U&ME Hot Pot. I wish the Mall Of America would get one!

  5. It's me and the Buddha 😅✌️.. Put everything in the hotpot oh that looks so delicious amazing cutie little robot great restaurant huh.. Omg 😻😻 that car stunning lights 😻love it

  6. Hello Sir Rick very cool hotpot restaurant with the robot servant instead of human being, they have bunches of seafoods and more choices for the hotpot and very high-tech place to have lunch, I would love to experience this one day Sir Rick it seems very excited place to eat and to experience those robots peanut servant lol. The car seems an expensive one and I wonder the brand of this car, it plays a lot of lights especially at night. Love and support here Sir to your channel. God bless you and your family. Stay safe always Sir especially when your driving around. Peace out.

  7. glad to see u enjoy ur day😻meow..the food server is high eyes is lil bit blind meow…ur car have too much lights…lol😅😅meow😻😻😻

  8. This so awesome place im so hungry to food really look so delicious so awesome robot so cute enjoy your day

  9. The noodles is looks so yummy 😋 I see Buddha many Buddha here in Taiwan that is a Chinese restaurant many delicious food

  10. helo si nomadic very nice place so beautiful love food so yummy looks delicious enjoy sir nomadic keep safe po always God Bless🙏😊🤗

  11. meow…i'm so slow…i'm late..just finished taking shower…watching replay meow😻😻

  12. Awesome restaurant the taste of their Food makes me hungry 😋 enjoy sir Rick thank you always 📸🥰

  13. So yummy i want to taste😋😋enjoy and i love the last part beautiful cars😍 meow 😻😻

  14. Wow! That car is definitely showing an awesome lights display on its own. And the seafoods from the start are really taking my tummy into empty.. so yummy.