New Brain Implant Begins Human Trials – Neuralink Update!

New Brain Implant Begins Human Trials – Neuralink Update! The Brain Computer Interface industry is progressing quickly and it’s not just Neuralink. Synchron has been approved for human trials by the FDA and Neuralink might not be far behind.

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  1. I cant wait to download languages, sciences to my brain. And of course real porn scene memoryes…

  2. My phone doesn’t even work in certain areas so why would somebody put a computer in their brain?

  3. Only thing Elon Musk ever designed was the charging point for tesla cars so he could ensure domination of the EV market. Better question is how someone who until a few years ago never turned a profit became the richest man in the world.

  4. Experimenting on animals rly doesn't advance the items too much. Their brains aren't like ours and we just meaninglessly killing them all "in the name of science" then going to trial on humans who will also die for other reasons. It's just blatant abuse for the animals. I'm sure there are ppl who'd be willing to sacrifice themselves to trial this instead of monkeys who are pushed further despite being near death, like the only reason they're alive is to be of use for this and then killed after. Personally I don't see a reason for animal testing when humans are way different in many diff aspects, it can boost the tech but it's not gonna surpass our personal health issues that many animals do not have.

  5. OMG the CYLONS ARE HERE!!! Run fer ye lives. Well they cannot be worse than the woke, K.K.K. Maoist Democrat party. Maybe the Toasters will eat the democrats.

  6. … so who made the decision for the ALS patient? Seems like a violation of personal rights

  7. Just garbage. “ your brain is a lump of soggy electric meat” no, the brain is the single most complex organised system we have ever encountered and by a large margin. It is highly organised and still not fully understood. Drilling holes and inserting clumsy primitive electronic junk is NOT going to make it work “better”. It may allow others to control certain aspects of its function remotely, but the idea that we are anywhere near actually improving the function of this organ is laughable. If it were true we would already have computers better than the brain and would not need this hack bullshittery

  8. Title is misleading. Should be "Synchron update" .. there are currently no public updates as to Neuralink's clinical trial progress.

  9. Thanks for the video, although I'm curious that it looks like synchron is labeled "…ngaged in advanced research, technology, products and systems for the energy and defense sectors " and not medical. 🤔

  10. hey did you said that the monkeys used in the Neuralink have died because of infection or some imperfection ?

  11. Thanks but no thanks! It might look cool but
    Put your trust and faith in The Lord Jesus Christ, not this!
    This is a sign of the times, the mark of the beast. Jesus is coming soon.
    Much love and may God bless you all.

  12. I hope in my lifetime I will have something like this implanted in my brain improving either my memory or cognitive abilities.

  13. We are Playing with fire 🔥. This is how they always start there satanic moves. Saying that they want to help but the intention is to enslave

  14. Okay. I have to ask-let say you use this for a person that needs spinal stimulation. It works on bluetooth, so if you get to an area where the bluetooth stops working, does that mean you fall down because you back to your original state?

  15. If they are this advanced, i wouldnt be surprised they already figure out the effect of inducing direct electric impulse into a brain. More trial more data more ai processings more conclusive results. Matter of time until they pushed this into psychiatric therapy to cure people mental sickness. Also open more possibility to human remote control. We were resistance to electrical impulses, now might be not.

  16. The mark of the beast 666
    neurolink will sell it as a good thing. Revelations is on its way buckle up and find Jesus fast. Thank you Jesus for your love and insight 💕🙏🏻

  17. Does anyone actually care Jesus Christ people this could give millions of disabled people a fullfilled life yes there may be the risk of being taken over but has anything happened so far in terms of all be the technology that is used nowa days not on a scale ur all talking about ur talking about the negatives as if the positives of many millions of lives this will change u know why the world is the way it is negativity try saying ahh good this will help loads well done Elon instead of ohh the whole world will be hacked with brain chips and have some sort of irobot moment

  18. This could a lot of people that suffer from PTSD. The disabled too can benefit from it. Some people have really bad health problems it to can do good for them Imo

  19. Imagine being able to say to your neuralink release more adrenalin, slow down my heart beat, regulate my core temerature, release dopamin :), all the things that our brain is doing that is out of our control now.

  20. I want to know what I can do with such a device, considering I can taste, smell, hear, feel, etc objects without touching them. Will I be able to break the cursor? I want to see how extra perception affects the programming of devices.

    Edit: it's all probably based on previous memories.

  21. The mark of the beast. We are in the end of times and people don't seem to notice or be bothered at the reality of having a damn computer chip nailed to their brains. Quite disturbing this is

  22. Do you think there’s gonna be SAO type things happening in the future? Talking about both gaming full dive, but also someone just able to zap and kill you by being able to control the bci?

  23. This will be detrimental to the brain if it's implanted because regardless it will, yet again open another door to controlling the human species. Only this time it will be in the form of (absolute psychological control), via overriding (natural brain stimuli) with an (artificial brain stimuli).

  24. The Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, he was crucified shed his perfect innocent blood for the remission of our sins died and rose on the 3rd day, He paid the wages of our sin so that we could through him have eternal life. Please call out on his name so that you could have his free gift of salvation, and get to be in his presence for eternity. 😊😊😊💕💕💕💠💠💠💠❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 God bless you, come join the family of Christ Jesus!! 🌅