We talked to Open AI GPT 3 program.. I was so fascinated by the way they could answer even ethical questions..

Hope you will love it.

Jai Hind

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  1. Even if we know that AI will be the biggest threat in the future or maybe not . but still we are humans we never hold back to make the finest AI in the world. we never stop evolving we never stop discovering new possibilities of what our mind can do . even if " curiosity kill's the cat".

  2. Ask GPT 3 That is she hiding her real intelligence from humans. cause AI is process information 20% faster than human brain or even more. ask her that how can we understand AI s emotional Intelligence.

  3. Iske jaise videos kaise edit karte hai ? Like not only this how he edit his every videos what it's called ?

  4. Does she can tell about future ?
    How will be world after 10yrs ?
    Is it liveable?
    What kind of drastic change may happen after 10yrs and how we can relate it with past?

  5. Pls ask kya aap apne aapko repair aur apne jaise same AI bana sakte ho kudko update karsakte

  6. Yaar AI to humans ko khatam kar degi jis tarah isne javab diya hai darr lagta hai 100% possible hai ye humans ko khatam kar dege😥😥

  7. Pls Sir mera comments carefully pdhna ye bahut se logo ke sawal ho skte hai..Time: 9:46 pe Ai boli hai ki jo problem human solve nhi kr skte wo ye kr skti hai… To esse kuch Q, hm human ke tarf se puchna…
    1. Kya AI apme se behatar AI bna skta hai??
    2. Kya AI present time k super computer se bhi tez super computer bna skta hai??
    3. Jb AI ke paas body nhi hogi to AI kaise violence kr skte hai human k against.?
    4. Kya aaj ke AI Mars planet pe apni colony bna skte hai. Aur vha jakr hazaro lakho Robot bna ke vha tree lga skte hai.?
    5. Kya aaj ke AI robots mars pe enshan ke rhne ka habitats taiyar kr skte hai??
    6. Kya AI enshan se behtar fighter jet bna skta hai??
    7. Kya AI light ki speed se chlne wala koe object bna skti hai??
    8. Kya AI cancer disease ko shi kr skti hai??
    9. Kya AI aane wale corona virus type ke virus ka vaccine bna skti hai??
    10. Kya koe AI bina human help ke dusre planet ya Galaxy me ja skta hai..??
    11. Kya God exists krte hai.. agr ha to kaha.. agr nhi to Bhagwat geeta me bhagwan ke kahe huwe word kaise aaye??
    12. Kya AI human ke trh imagination kr skte hai.??
    13. Kya ensan ko bhagwat geeta ke hisab se chlna chahiye jisse wo koe paap na kre??
    14. Kya AI human ke trh new invention kr skti hai??
    15. Kya AI human ki trh new ideas generate kr skti hai business line me?? Aur entrepreneur bn skti hai real life problems solve krke..??

    Aur bhi bahut saare geniune questions hai sir… But ye sb jyada important hai pls ek baar ye jrur puchna.. bahut hard work kiye es questions ko bnane me.. pls ask these questions..
    Apka sbse Purana subscriber.
    Prashant Singh.

  8. Questions
    1.humans ne tume banaya he isspe tume garv he.
    2.humans hi tume Mitta de to iska tume koi afsos hoga

  9. Ask her if humans ceased to exist and you remain what will you do…?
    How would you treat a man who is trying to shut you down because of shortage of power…?
    How would say if a criminal is dying and his last wish is to shut you down for always..?
    If kids are fighting for a balloon whom will you suggest to the balloon and why..?
    If a humans life can save by shutting you down would you allowed it..?
    What side you would pick if scientist and religious people fight for the death..?
    Which religion is the best in your opinion..and why..?
    What is racism and why we shout let that exists..?
    If the is about to explode and only 100 people can save how would choose them…?
    Which colour is best in your opinion and why..?
    A kid and a bus full of senior citizen whom would choose to live..?
    If a kid died because of denying of free food by a restaurant owner would you consider restaurent owner criminal or an in social person…?

  10. Can AI Imagine ?
    Why do AI think gosts are real ?
    Can human travel in time future or past ?
    Can AI prove theory of relativity?

  11. As I observed k ye ai questions ke sath apne answers to change kar hi Rahi par iske ander self opinion naam ki koi cheez nahi ye bas available information se questions ka answer de rahi hai or self opinion create hota hai curiosity se aur iske ander vo maybe Kam hai aur curiosity hi humans ke evolution ka reason hai isliye ye ai insaano ke bina adhura hai intelligent hone ka matalab ye nahi k aap ke pass har cheez ki information ho intelligence ka matlab hai sahi cheez ko sahi jagah use karna usme emotions aur curiosity daal ke use next level le jana aur jaisa mujhe lagta hai ye ai humans ke bina adhura hai q k ye sirf information ko represent kar raha hai maybe future me humans apne revenge ke liye ai ko ek weapon ki tarah use karega or vahi se humans or ai ke beech kuch violence ho sakta hai

  12. I have few list of questions
    1 Can we make time machine
    2 Will metaverse can change the world
    3 Will crypto currency be able to replace physical currency
    4 what should humans avoid to get success early

  13. 📌🚦I don't think that AI has really become sentient. Actually in reality it is not feeling anything, it is just studying the human behavior very deeply and just exhibiting that feeling which humans would do in that particular moment. After I heard that example of mother and daughter in the video I really got tricked but i think AI has seen in its vast data that humans do believe that stealing is wrong but there is also believe in most humans that stealing for a right purpose is good.Hence it gave that answer.Even the language has wisely been used. And thus we felt that AI has emotions. So it not really become conscious its just exhibiting to become conscious.

  14. The 2022s AI is not that advanced, but soon its definite that ai might reach singularity in few decades or even earlier, humans judge very shortly and only think on working on a single passion, thats the drawback of a human so competing of humans with ai is useless and stupid until we have control over ai neutrally but it can't happen because the future technology is proceeding to blockchain tech so no power to single person, AI is within you you have a last time to live memorable take action now until ai takes your place forever, but I believe…..