Tesla Will Sell 10,000,000/YR of Model 3s & Ys

Tesla stock will sky rocket when Tesla reaches 10,000,000 yearly production of Model 3 and Model Y combined – in this video I share with you why I think it is likely Tesla will sell that many vehicles of Model 3 and Model Y.

About me:
I am a multi millionaire serial entrepreneur & investor and out of all publicly traded stocks the only one I own is Tesla, as crazy as it sounds, I am a fairly conservative investor, I love real estate and S&P 500, but I sold all of my S&P 500 shares to invest into Tesla. I even convinced my brother who is EXTREMELY conservative to invest $100,000 into Tesla. For those really curious, in the beginning of this video you may take a glimpse into my Mint account (AKA, some of my bank accounts) as well as why Tesla will double despite the recession:

The first time I bought Tesla stock was in the beginning of 2019 (adjusted for the current stock split – under $60 dollars per share). I purchased it because at that time for the first time it was absolutely clear to me that Tesla will be profitable and bankruptcy is no longer a concern. My personal belief is that even though the stock went up a lot, I still personally believe it is strongly underpriced, but only if you are a long term investor.

Why I Only Own Tesla Stock:

Why I believe Tesla is a safe investment (“worst” case broken down):

Why I believe Tesla stock will AT LEAST 10x by 2030 (one hour of NO interventions full self driving sped up to 8 minutes):


Proof Tesla Bot Optimus Prime Is Possible NOW:

This is not financial advice and my videos are for entertainment purposes only.


  1. Tesla guidance: 50%/yr growth in cars produced.
    50%/yr = 1.50X/yr
    1.50X/yr ** 6yrs = 11X by 2027 from 2021.
    1M * 11 = 11M est. cars produced in 2027.

  2. They would first have to have the factory capacity to build them. Berlin and Austin are still “money furnaces” so no new factories just now.

  3. You really deserve more views 👏.
    You helped me to understand that when you get a choice to make incremental improvements because you never have demand problems with a single product how much of an impact this has when compared to new product lines from a manufacturing stand point.