Should We Worry About the New Tesla Bot ?

So, About a year ago, the famous tech billionaire, mars colonizer, robot lover Elon Musk hosted a presentation announcing the Tesla Bot, a creepy, innovative robot designed to perform chores deemed too dangerous or too tedious for us humans. Basically, Tesla is working on a robot designed to steal minimum wage jobs. Love it or hate it, it seems that we really are going to lose our jobs to the machines eventually in the future, and the Tesla Bot might become the very first choice on your employers list.
I mean, if you look at it from a business owner’s perspective: Why hire humans and pay them by the hour when this shinny boy is going to do the job for free and not even complain to the HR department about it. If you think about it, a robot really would be the better choice in terms of employment, I mean you don’t need to pay the robot an hourly wage, you don’t need to train them for the job, as they are already trained by the manufacturer to perform all sorts of tasks, you don’t even need to give them medical insurance, in fact, you get robot warranty when you purchase one. That sounds like the perfect dystopian future. A future where robots do all the work and our lazy asses just sit back and watch. What on earth could go wrong ? I know, I know, Terminator scenario aside, I think that the more immediate danger of a robot dominated workforce would be the lack of labor jobs for us humans that would inevitably lead to severe poverty, disastrous economic crisis and maybe a few riots every now and then. As Elon Musk himself said, eventually there would be a need for a universal basic income, but it would certainly take a while until such a system would be properly implemented. Until then, you should expect a lot of unemployment all over the globe as the robots are patiently waiting to take over the office.
You might think to yourself that it would take years of advancements until we start seeing a future like this come true, well on that you would be wrong. You see, this amazing Tesla Bot that I mentioned earlier is said to be shown on the 30’th of September, this year, essentially, at the end of the month…
If you watched last year’s presentation, you know that Elon Musk only had a dancing guy in a robot suit to show as a representation of the concept. As lackluster as that presentation has been, Tesla claims that this year, they will have a fully-automated prototype to show, but will this prototype be as fancy as described, and if so, would it really meet such high expectations ?
As hyped as Elon Musk may be, he does have a history of making bold promises of projects featuring technology ripped straight out of sci-fi movies, such as: colonizing mars by the year 2050, developing a hyperloop by the year 2030, creating fully-autonomous self-driving cars eventually and his latest science fiction project, the Tesla Bot, is planned to start production as soon as 2023. Sure, he does seem to have the necessary resources and funding to turn such concepts to reality but let’s not forget his past let downs such as the cyber truck, the semi truck and the fact that the Tesla autopilot has tried to kill some of its drivers in the past.


  1. Robot will never happen… just more vaporware like the ROBOTAXIs, MagLev Train, Vegas Loop, etc. Elon barely finishes what he starts…. matter of fact, he barely starts anything, he just comes up with shower thoughts all day