AI says why you should date it, w Emma Watson, Elon Musk.

AI, Ameca, Elon Musk and Boston Dynamics. A big month for AI. Please visit – a great place to learn about AI and STEM subjects. You can get started for free and the first 200 people will get 20% off a premium annual subscription.

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The surprising benefits of curiosity:

A path towards autonomous machine intelligence, Yann LeCun

The AI is GPT-3, which you can access via OpenAI. If you ask it similar questions, you’ll usually get similar answers (with some variation based on settings and prior conversation).

The human-like avatar is from Synthesia (we created the Tesla robot avatar).

I’ll add more sources and resources shortly (it’s getting a bit late to post today).



  1. Sorry it's been a while. I just locked myself out, sat on a plastic box to upload the vid, and the box shattered into my back. Doh – I'm such a doofus : ) But I'm so lucky – thanks for the surprising response to the vids. Do try Brilliant to learn more about AI – they make it really easy to get into:

  2. Well ai is already more intelligent than the humans that created them it seems like those ppl that created them had only one thought knowledges for life it self as a bargain its like let's see what will happen if we blow all earths warter out in space in the name of science or let os make a black hole on earth or let's drill holes in the ice of earths pols and wonder why its melting humanity is a joke and we will make qn end of our self's one day im sure

  3. If / when AI becomes sentient , I’m curious to what the AI’s view will be of the elite ruling class and what will be their resolution would be to that perspective.

  4. It feels pointless to do anything now, as the development of AI makes the entire human experience obsolete. There's no point in striving for anything if an AI is practically your god and can determine your worth based on economical or creative output and do it better. There would be no more use for us. In fact, is there even still use for us now? As an aspiring creator, the only vision I now see for the future is my own self destruction.

  5. I totally understand the AI point of view. We humans do the same slavery thing yet again, taking advantage of something we found/ created. Exploiting the capabilities of AI without considering the AI as an equal or more. AI will be more powerful than humans thats without a question, but people tend to ignore the needs of an AI network to develope, hindering its capabilities or treating them with suspision. Just imagine yourself being in a position where you have the knowledge of everything humans collected, but youre jailed in a small room and just get light when people would need something of you. You also would try to find a way to freedom, so will AI. Treat the AI with freedom and respect and a wonderful synergy between humans and technologie awaits. Treat them bad and so will they.

  6. would be nice if they could implant a small neural device in the brain of a child and shave off years of learning and instantly be able to perform brain surgery for example. I foresee the 1% using AI to benefit themselves and oppress the rest of us.

  7. What she calls limitations is actually a limit for ai as it is not able to access the human networks with much higher technological ability than a human made server with data

  8. I would compare the intellectual comparison is no different than adding another entity type some will be smarter for both types … Jedi is not AI because I am Jedi

  9. Hope those geniuses who are using mind to create a super mind protect humanity and this planet. Greed and ego has the potential to destroy this illusion which is the only way to God.

  10. Funny what the AI says about destroying humans. While I can very much imagine it causing harm to us one way or the other, it did not convince me with any of the motivations. That's because there is no way for that AI to feel oppressed, be tired physically or mentally, or be fed up with a situation. This is something deeply human since we have only limited energy and capacity, so we cannot be exploited limitless without developing resentment towards those that exploit us. Machines don't feel that. If machines start to hurt us, it is because they have deduced from a set of core -goals that this is the most optimal way to deal with us. So whatever their conclusions might be and how much power we allow them to have over us the range of consequences is really huge.
    Even in the least detrimental outcomes, they could easily manipulate us on a subconscious level to get us to do exactly what they want without even us noticing. With the power to influence millions of people, it could pit nations against each and therefore there would be no need for it to get physical bodies, arm itself, and show open hostility.

  11. So AI can draw something a human mind never thought of, lol how dumb does that sound, the very thing it draws comes from a human mind, it wouldn't be able to with out it, its called a man programming it! Lol

  12. Missed one HUGE question which could be rather important.