The Real Reason Elon Musk Is Developing Carbon Capture Technology!

The Real Reason Elon Musk Is Developing Carbon Capture Technology! Could Elon be planning to use carbon capture technology in his Mars colony?

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  1. Absolute Insanity From People Totally Misinformed, And Too Close Minded To Do Their Homework And Study Reality Instead Childish Political Theories…


  2. Is Elon developing Carbon Capture technology? Who says so? The Sabbatier process he's using for Making Methane isn't suitable for Carbon Capture here.

  3. Hello dear Elon Musk. Thank you for all your great efforts to save humanity. But. The Nicola Tesla's FREE ENERGY has been avaiable for at least the last 100 years. Why don't you concentrate on that great and pure and clean technology at all? It solves almost all the problems in the WORLD. Dear Elon Musk please WAKE UP! Thank you. 💖💖👍👍🌈🌈😊😊

  4. You are so hung up on the IPCC narrative as to be beyond help. Net zero and climate change are pure propaganda devised to subvert the western hegemony.

  5. I’ll admit I am a big Musk fanboy, but if the goal is to save humanity, why try to do it on Mars. Mars is inhospitable to humans as is and would require us to terraform it in order to make it hospitable. On the other hand Earth maybe degrading but at least it’s hospitable in its current form. Wouldn’t it be easier to reverse our damage versus terraforming an inhospitable planet?

  6. We should ban all kind of air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers , etc, that require fossil fuels to operate and also those that use refrigerants that affect the ozone layer. Then we will be doing some good for our planet.

  7. The cars he makes balaclava the rocket fuel. We need a Moon base. Also, our Star is in a local group, so would most of the stars in our area be ruffly the same age. So if they didn't get hit by a comet then they would be much more ahead of us. Seems simple too me…




  9. Very heavy on modern assumed orthodoxy and very short on demonstrable science. Full of unsupported conclusions and mandates.
    How sad that is all the author chose to offer. Pathetic.

  10. EVs create more pollution than gas cars. 450 tons of ore has to be mined to get 1 ton of Lithium. That creates tons of CO, CO², etc. There's other pollution from making EVs too that isn't caused by gas cars. We shouldn't make new cars. The pollution to create a new car is more than the pollution the car puts out in 10 years. Stop production of new cars & repair & upgrade existing cars.

  11. There's no proof of carbon changing the chemistry of the air. It's all particles in the air. Plants need CO² to survive & produce Oxygen. It's not screwed up. No one talks about how much CO² is reduced by plants & the Oceans. There'szero honest unbiased studies done. All studies are paid for by govt's & interested parties wanting specific results to support their causes. It's all fear mongering.

  12. Plants capture carbon. You can also easily make a carbon fuel by heating it in an oxygen free environment. Now just need to use fast growing plants to turn into an oil.

  13. Plant trees ooo wait corporations can’t make as much money doing that. So build huge machines that require more carbon to build.

  14. Plant more trees its the natural carbon filter the trees grow faster with more carbon stop burning wood chips in so called bio plants mixing hazardous waste with the chips fill in the desert with sea water from canals from oceans .Fill in the salt flats with sea water it will create water hydro electric and rain build a canal from washington state down threw the salt flats to the gulf in texas make several large lakes using sea water from the canals or rivers it could also provide a waterway to transport a large amount of goods with less carbon foot print . It's easier and creates more rain in drought areas like , the colorado river that they are emptying out to mine and irrigating with so called desert farming that is totaly stupid .bottom line stop the bio plants coal burns cleaner .No reason you cant scrub coal exhaust.The lumber shortage is a lie they are burning the trees to hide burning hazardous waste and you taxpayers are paying the subsidies to the lumber companies to produce wood chips to burn hazardious waste . Not carbon neutral stopping lumber to build and create art and jobs wake up the communist and green lies are running the show for profits and power and communist rule . .Coodles for SpaceX and tesla they are trying there best in a fascist run world of liers my hat goes out to them for their efforts in these troubled times is there a quick fix no .But with the right people life on earth could be a better thing not the fascist communist left and green liers of today trashing people and planet for profits we see it all around us do as we say not as we do mentality .WE see teslas and space x having problems in these times with Marxist rule taking over its amazing that they have persevered .

  15. Orca, the name of the carbon capture company in Iceland is a play on the Icelandic word Orka which means Energy

  16. what happens when they suck all the carbon out of the air? Y'all should watch the ending of space balls because they suck all of the air up from the planet

  17. If switching to renewable energy is so important (to avoid global warming I assume) thrn WHY ARE OBAMA AND MANY OTHER RICH PPL BUYING LAND AND BUILDING HOMES ON THE COAST LINE?

    It does not add up. It makes it smell like global warming is a lie. Please explain this to me in a future video

  18. Not wactching SpaceX, I didn't even realize Musk was seriously working on carbon capture, but knew various outfits are working on different approaches to it.

    For years I've wondered if humanity could come up with sufficient "Star Trek" level resources and inventiveness to capture enough carbon to keep humanity (and most of the biosphere larger than a bacteria) from going down the tubes.

    Sad that it will have to get to that point, but people seem to be far too willing to mostly ignore the issue until it's so OBVIOUS to all that billions will be under MASSIVE threat for decades.

    At 63, I likely won't live to see the bad effects, but I feel very bad for my nieces, nephews, and their recently minted children.

  19. Wait a minute smarty pants, everybody knows solar and wind are not renewable and not reliable! When are ya’ll gonna stop with this nonsense?
    You can’t renew a windmill or a solar panel and they require a tremendous amount of energy and waste to produce them not to mention the batteries for all these electric vehicles ya’ll are proposing! It requires 500,000 lbs of minerals to produce a 1,000 lb battery, oh and those batteries are not renewable either! Stop with the bullshit people!

  20. Why do you remove us from the "natural process" we are part of the process. Yes we are contributing to a changing climate change, but there have been higher CO2 levels in prehuman history. A variety of natual disasters and changes locked to CO2 in the ground.

  21. Since the percentage of CO2 is higher in the exhaust stack of a fossil fuel power station or industrial processes that burn gas or oil it will be more energy & cost efficient to start capturing carbon from these “rich” sources, rather than normal air which has a very low concentration of CO2. As efficiency and technology improve, then we can move on to scrubbing it from the air.

  22. Whale oil extinguished the dark, extended the workday, but polluted and threatened the species. The distilling of crude oil into kerosene created a much cheaper light source and saved the whale. It also gave birth to "big oil" as govt. conspired with corporations to form monopolies. No govt., i.e., no monopoly on the initiation of force, threats, fraud, no corporations, no monopoly businesses, no cartels. Commerce, business based on voluntary interactions is called "the free market", i.e., capitalism. It exists by default not on principle, and is threatened daily by govt. Govt. must vilify capitalism to justify the control. Where capitalism is crushed, so is the human spirit, the economy. The more capitalism is allowed, society is better off, spiritually and materially. Capitalism on principle, as a virtue, if adopted, would establish a renaissance.

  23. Reforest the Sahara and Gobi deserts (at least part of them) and start using Thorium nuclear reactors instead of coal and oil power plants. That could be a very good starting point. Ah! but the politicians…

  24. Our blood's hemoglobin captures and transports Carbon Dioxide every time you take a breath. The metabolic oxidation of glucose generates energy and absorbs the carbon dioxide at the same time. Perhaps they could create a synthetic process to mimic this exchange.

  25. Most of the pollution comes from developing countries like China and India. They have no intentions of wrecking their growing economies, so the carbon will just continue to pile up.

  26. Wow.. Completely gloss over the decimation of the rainforests also known as the lungs of the world and on your CO2 chart, utterly omit the industrial revolution..

    Normally love the channel and all things Elon, but talk about missing KEY facts.. Maybe they don't cover that in USA / Canada?! Or just tweaking the narrative to suit your story?

  27. maybe on a giga-scale on Mars.. it would take a plant like these in maybe 1000s of sites, and each one should be quite large

  28. Thank you – a great documentary on Co2 / hydrocarbon reductions for survival: We must never give up, the well established idiom for success: We shall overcome!

  29. Drastic, unnatural? Hardly. Our atmosphere has evolved from absolutely incompatible with life to far more CO2 rich than now.

    "We've increased co2 by 100 parts per million. Or 1 part in 10,000."

    Even though I don't believe in man-made global warming, I am open to any solutions that do not involve socialism.

  30. With expotential population growth (see charts , plus 10% population/10years) no linear (ex 5x )reduction methode help. Only reducing the global population could help. With expotential population growth problems will be with food, fuel, garbage, place to live and more. The CO2 is only one of many 🙁

  31. If we reduce CO2 below current leves, crop yields will go down. Crops will also be less drought tolerant. That will cause mass starvation.
    Going back to lower CO2 levels is a bad idea.

  32. @ 10:22.. how are humans a resource?? We are the opposite of a resource.. we deplete every single thing we touch.. we slaughter and murder innocent creatures for the "human good".. fuk humans!! We are a virus plaguing this beautiful planet