Tesla Fan Bot Bot Cast 012 Why Elon Musk Should Buy Aptera Motors.

Tesla Fan Bot – Bot Cast 012 – Why Elon Musk Should Buy Aptera Motors.

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As I was watching the revealing of the Aptera Gamma today, the thought crossed my mind about what a great addition to the Tesla lineup of vehicles the Aptera would be. It would slot in below the Model 3 as Tesla’s most affordable vehicle, and would even complete the acronym S3XY CARS, with Aptera being the A, making up the word “cars” from the first letters of Cybertruck, Aptera, Roadster and Semi. It would be an easy ramp up for Tesla, as Aptera has already done all the pre production work, and all Elon Musk would need to do is invest enough money to make sure the company is able to make it into production, and possibly integrate some Tesla features into the vehicle, such as 4680 batteries and full self driving. Maybe Tesla could even offer the first batch of customers free charging on the Tesla supercharger network, as these cars wouldn’t use as much charge as the larger Tesla models anyway, and that would be an incentive to buyers who are mostly coming from a low income market segment.

Tesla could also provide the funding and engineering expertise to redesign the Aptera as a 4 wheeled vehicle so that it qualifies for the Inflation Reduction Act EV incentive.

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  1. Why tesla should not buy aptera : they were uncapable of making affordable cars for regular people , i don't wanna see aptera being a toy for the rich , they already have many … plus there electricity bill are way higher already then the rest of us ..bad ideia in my opinion

  2. Aptera will thrive as it's own Company.

    I am a small invester in Aptera and have reserved a Luna, 40kWh, All wheel with full Solar.

  3. As an Aptera reservation holder, I will 100% cancel my order if Elon purchases the company. Using the plug is one thing—doing business directly with Musk is a red line.

  4. It would be nice if the price of alternative energy automobiles would come down to an affordable price for people to reasonable expect to make them an option to the internal combustion engine we’ve enjoyed for over 100 years. I appreciate companies need to make money but the legacy of the human race in the 19th, 20th and start of the 21st century will be framed by how did humanity tackle global warming by engineering and affordable mode of transport that saved the planet and humanity instead of caused its demise. Common folks, governments around the world are enjoying the profits of oil producers around the globe and all electric seems like it’s not quite ready to transform our fast paced lifestyle so let’s see Hybrid production fill the gap and offset the carbon emissions with a mutual jump in electric vehicle production that is affordable for the average individual. Just one man’s opinion….

  5. Hell no.

    I'm hoping the warmonger bungles yet another contract, so we aren't forced to use a tesla plug in our Apteras.

  6. Elon Musk is not destined to own everything. Why are you so eager to spend his money when Aptera is in the midst of an early investing round in which you could personally become an owner of Aptera. I don't get it.