Xiaomi REVEALS First Market Ready Humanoid Robot CYBERONE!

also checkout Tesla´s Humanoid Robot Optimus:

and the First Computer made of Human braincells:

Xiaomi’s first humanoid robot driven by A.I., CyberOne, made its debut on August 11 at the company’s new product launch event in Beijing. By bringing out a surprise guest who ended up stealing the show, CEO Lei Jun wrapped up the major Mix Fold 2 smartphone reveal for the firm. That visitor was CyberOne, the company’s first humanoid robot. And might I add that Xiaomi’s robot has unquestionably outperformed Tesla’s humanoid prototype.It seems like the idea of the age of mass-produced robots may be closer than you think. The Xiaomi humanoid robot, Cyber, is surely paving the way for it. Stay with us till the end of this video to find out more about this very invention, which is to bring remarkable changes in our lives.

Is this humanoid robot really better then teslas optimus?

well find out in this video

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