Elon Musk Shocked People! FIRST Tesla AI Robot Produced!

Elon Musk Shocked People! FIRST Tesla AI Robot Produced!

It’s discouraging for Musk supporters, but with enough hope and resources, something will undoubtedly roll off Tesla’s production line. Similar to earlier Tesla products with aggressive release dates, not everyone is in agreement that it will arrive this year or even work correctly for years.

Tesla’s AI prototype, according to Elon Musk, will arrive this year.
The bipedal, humanoid robot called Optimus, or Optimus Subprime, is Elon Musk’s concept for a machine that could perform all the monotonous, repetitive chores that people would rather not do. Musk previewed it on Tesla’s AI Day here in August 2021.

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Tesla Bot was unveiled by billionaire Elon Musk during Tesla’s Artificial Intelligence Day event on August 19, 2021. The first Tesla AI day was a celebration of the company’s self-driving technology where the company also showcased the Dojo supercomputer. Musk presented the idea for the Humanoid Robot and said that Tesla intends to construct the robot using its existing knowledge in power electronics and batteries for electric vehicles, along with its AI skills. Musk stated that the robot would be designed to perform simple and repetitive jobs at first, such as in Tesla’s own manufacturing processes. The robot will then improve over time by learning through its surroundings and will be able to do a larger range of jobs, making it valuable for both commercial and consumer uses. If successful, this could prove to be a game changer and might have a huge impact on economies, which is why Tesla has moved its focus to it.

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