Tesla's New Female Humanoid Robot is Elon Musk’s New AI Girlfriend

Tesla’s New Female Humanoid Robot is Elon Musk’s New AI Girlfriend

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Elon Musk has a dream project of developing a new humanoid robot cable of taking over mundane tasks. We already have some interesting details about the nee Tesla robot thanks to the Tesla AI Day which was held for the second year running this August. What do we know about the Tesla AI Robot? Stay tuned

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Tesla AI day was an ambitious plan by Tesla to promote the development in artificial intelligence or AI. The previous Tesla AI day held last year was an event focused on the company’s self-driving program. The automaker also unveiled its Dojo supercomputer and announced plans for the “Tesla Bot” humanoid robot – now known as Tesla Optimus which is slated to begin production next year.

The second Tesla AI day was scheduled to be held in August this year. However, Musk took to twitter in June and announced that Tesla AI Day was pushed back to September 30th, in order to have a working prototype of Optimus by then. The tweet reads :

Tesla AI Day pushed to Sept 30, as we may have an Optimus prototype working by then

When first announcing the project last year, Musk said that Tesla would have a working prototype by the end of 2022, and recently, the CEO even said that the company aims to start production of the robot in 2023.

This is an extremely ambitious timeline for such an ambitious project, but Musk said on several occasions that it has become a priority.

In January, the CEO said that Tesla is prioritizing product development of the Optimus humanoid robot in 2022 over other products.

Tesla plans to leverage its existing expertise in power electronics and batteries for electric vehicles to build the robot and use its AI expertise to give it a brain.
Musk said that the robot would at first be programmed to perform simple and repetitive tasks, including in manufacturing operations like Tesla’s own.

Tesla has grand plans for the robot to improve over time and be able to perform a wider range of tasks that would make it useful for both commercial and consumer applications.
If successful, the project could have a massive impact on economies, which explains why Tesla has shifted its focus to it.