IT HAPPENED! Tesla Bot Optimus. It's Awesome 2022

IT HAPPENED! Tesla Bot Optimus. It’s Awesome 2022

Mobeus – CERN Update – Large Hadron Collider
This channel showcases CERN lectures, including CERN academic training lectures.
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  1. Elon's grandfather was kicked out of Canada for being a "technocrat," that is why he was exiled to South Africa. So all that stuff Elon is warning about is a cover up.

  2. You are disingenuously equating automatons with robots. Robots are for replacing men. No dissembling. Just stop it. Watch Metropolis like yer great grandparents did. Then kick your rumba.

  3. Not good.. ..bots turning against us..possibility… A I is not good nor is METAVERSE ITS too dumb everyone down.. make believe b.s.