TESLA's Exciting Future: Tesla Bot, Rapid Expansion & Leadership with Alexandra Merz & Freddy

Alexandra Merz (@TESLA Boomer Mama) hosts Freddy and I at her home for a discussion about Tesla’s exciting future. As Elon prepares for Master Plan Part 3, we share views on Tesla’s future leadership, Tesla becoming and AI company and Tesla’s growth trajectory. Subscribe to stay updated to more conversations on Tesla!

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00:00 Tesla’s Exciting Future!
02:00 Herbert Diess (or JB Straubel) at Tesla?
12:41 Tesla Will Be an AI Company
21:57 How to Use Tesla’s Cash?
28:45 Tesla’s Regulatory & Political Risk?
33:15 Vision for a Brighter Future

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Disclosure: Alexandra, Freddy and I are long TSLA. This is not financial advice and represents our personal opinions only. Always do your own research and invest safe!


  1. I'll say it. Daren has one of the most informative youtube channels related to Tesla out there! Period! Great stuff Daren, much appreciated!

  2. I echo the same positive comments above that this video is very informative. Have a safe trip back and hope you brought gifts back to family (Tesla merchandise?😂)

  3. I like elon as ceo.
    I wish he would get a faceless PR person or group who can work rumor control etc with solid statements debunking garbage rumors that are negative about tesla

  4. If its not broken dont try to fix it – Best to promote internally someone who is completely aligned with tesla's ethos.

  5. I do not agree that it is a good idea to attract Diess. Diess, nevertheless his accumen and accomplishments, is old shool management. Tesla should 'grow' its own CEO and give someone from Tesla the opportunity to grow into that role. For me, it's utterly important that the CEO of Tesla is educated in the TESLA way of working and has a lot of experience with the Tesla style. Yes to JB though.

  6. I was gonna start a TSLA youtube channel but i chose to join Picard and CPT Kirk.

    – Freddy SPOK (StarTrek engineer)

  7. JB will not come back and Tesla will not buy Redwood IMO.
    Seems like Elon and JB have chosen to spin out Redwood as a independent company to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.
    Like every other product no OEM will buy or use Tesla products.
    IMO because of that they have done it like that, so that every OEM can recycle their cells without helping Tesla getting even bigger.
    For sure they have worked together to get a good method for recycling and Tesla will recycle their batteries mostly on their own but competitors needed a independent company to work with.
    Diess would fit very well in Tesla, as a European COO or even the CEO instead of Elon but I don’t know if VW would let him do that. I hope so, could be a great benefit in Europe especially.
    Like always a great conversation and I am astounded how good your questions are Daren, for your young age your interviews are very well done!
    Congratulations for your well deserved rise in our lovely community.

  8. I don't think Tesla needs Redwood. I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't already working on recycling their own 4680 rejects.

  9. I love Tesla, SpaceX, but I think that Neuralink, in the long run, will be the most important among Elon's enterprises.

  10. Beautiful dialogue. The closing, Bring people together, Tesla. From 80 to 12 years old. Thank you for putting out another Masterpiece!

  11. Great video and collaboration you guys . No way Herbert is a Tesla front man . Drew Baglino would be better fot for Tesla to fill that role . I can see Herbert maybe run Giga Berlin as a VP but that’s about it.

  12. Elon true master plan is getting to Mars. I don’t know what his obsession is with Mars. But if You think about, in order to get to Mars and colonize it, he will need to develop and funds these technologies. The goal is so abstract that if he were to ask for fundings for Mars initially then he would be laughed off the stage. In order to achieve this, he has to find a use case for them on Earth and raise fundings. First, he needs a big Space ship thus starship. Second, needs a power source on Mars (because there is no oil there), thus Tesla car, battery and Solar. Elon once said that he started Tesla not because of environmental reason. Third, u need a telecommunication system thus Starlink. Next, how to people best get around and live on Mars. They need to do it under ground to protect against radiation and the harsh environment, thus the Boring company. Then, how do u best build and repair building and machineries in Mars..Bots with Neurolink for best interface. How do you feed people on Mars: vertical farmings which happens to be what his Brother, Kimbal,is doing. Last but not least, this might explain his interest in Twitter. He needs a way for people to communicate, hold meetings, and vote on Mars. Also, Twitter is a good way for an AI to monitor the mood of the population. So, if one wants to know what other project he might be tackling next then one needs to ask what does colonizing Mars need ? Overcoming low gravity health issues ? Radiation mutation ?

  13. Oprah might be shaking in her boots with the level of conversation and guest you are bringing on Daren!! WOW this was so good. Great job and thanks so much for doing this. I wonder who you will have next?!

  14. I can't think of a reason that Herbert Diess would ever work again. He has enough money to enjoy the rest of his life.

  15. Great talk. Not sure why diss is good enough. He is a lifer from legacy we need someone like JB or drew to be the captain. Even jim from ford May be a better candidate than diss.

  16. This discussion provides some great insights that you simply don't see anywhere else. Amazing what you can learn when people discuss Tesla without trying to impress anyone. You need to spend more time in the US. Thanks Daren