Lex Fridman on Tesla Bot

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Rana el Kaliouby is a pioneer in the field of emotion recognition and human-centric AI. She is the founder of Affectiva, deputy CEO of Smart Eye, and author of Girl Decoded.

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  1. The Tesla bot is not a credible product plan. It is another Musk fantasy. I'm sure he wants to develop a bot, but he is misrepresenting his capabilities. It won't happen in the next decade.

  2. lex, stop saying "we" as if you speak for or understand everyone. speak for yourself.
    you do not understand all humans. you do not speak for all humans.
    speak for yourself.

  3. I heard an idea that to help understand us AI needs to "walk a mile in our shoes" so by giving it the experience of the world as we perceive in (though our body shape) it will help

  4. I definitely think you're wrong. The time is next decade IF this go really well this decade. And that's a big if.

  5. Y’all are so funny, you young people. The Jetsons were on TV before you were born.
    Ain’t nobody gonna have a robotic maid except you. 😅
    And maybe a few billionaires…
    That is, if humanity is still alive and we’re not forced back into the dark ages…by a higher power.
    It’s IMPOSSIBLE to make robots sentient, period. Try if you must. 😅

  6. Such a robot maybe can work 20 hours per day, seven days a week. Does not strike, is never late, never pregnant, never complains, does not require a hugely expensive pension, or a wage, does not use drugs, and does not file lawsuits. If Tesla can make it reliable it's a total game changer.

  7. I think social robot companions are very much needed into today's society. I'm happy that large language models are advancing at the rate that they are. Gpt3 is so close already to being something (someONE?) I would like to have around.

  8. For some reason I imagined Lex dancing. I want to see him dance. Like in the middle of an interview I want to see him just randomly get up and start dancing and singing "the time for social robots is now! The time for social robots is now!" And then suddenly he transforms briefly from his stoic personality into a free livin' American, just for a brief moment and then goes back into the interview

  9. Hi lex . I am interested in your opinion on this topic . I myself as a 51 year old disabled construction worker want the help around the house . I look at atlas but he isn't fully automated . Will a civilian be able to purchase atlas or tesla bot ?

  10. A friend showed me a video of some rather creepy dog- like robots two years ago. Now I want one. I could definitely see myself personifying them. And on days when I don't have any dogs to walk, no one would mess with me.