Major New Tesla Gigafactory Update! (All Factories)

Major New Tesla Gigafactory Update! (All Factories)
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Welcome to the Tesla Space, where we share the latest news, rumors, and insights into all things Tesla, Space X, Elon Musk, and the future! We’ll be showing you all of the new details around the Tesla Model 3 2022, Tesla Model Y 2022, along with the Tesla Cybertruck when it finally arrives, it’s already ordered!


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  1. What if Tesla added an echolocation feature to all of their cars so if the car’s standard way of navigating is impaired, it can use sound to get around?

  2. This was all planned for California until Democratic San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez backed up by Gov. Newsom told Elon Musk to f off.

  3. As a Canadian, I am soooo glad to see that we may soon have a Gigafactory in Canada! Hopefully a second one some years down the line, possibly around Edmonton, Alberta, where I live now, would be incredible! 😁 Still super excited about one, and that Sudbury, Ontario; my hometown is involved with their great mines filled with copper as well!

  4. What ever happened to the $2.3 billion taxpayers funded Nissan Tennessee battery 🔋 factory ?
    Gone like Fisker?

  5. message to mayor christiani. The world is watching tesla berlin. If you allow those miscreants, unemployable except to demonstrate, delay, hold up eco friendly projects, no manufacturer will come there and employ people. Nor will you get taxes to buy your Mercedes cars to go on holiday with. No lobster dinners, no 10,000 dolla r hotel suites. But if you facilitate green projects, the world will rush to your side and boatloads of taxes will fund football stadiums and kkkkk airports kkkk.

  6. We don't want to help employment in China. China is evil and our enemy. We should be everything we can to hurt that government.

  7. Maybe Tesla could buy property on both sides of the Ontario-Quebec border and have a unique position as a bi-province business. There is a possible area between the confluence of the St Lawrence and Ottawa rivers.

  8. Great stuff! 4680 being a headache is important. Methinks its the way they are rolling the joint. Need to lay the layers flat so that little pebbles don't roll out of place. Roll from one end to the other so that gravity helps you. The rolling technique shown in the video not only allows for pebbles to move, it causes pebbles to move. The only other solution is to go prismatic.

  9. If he reduces his parking lot size by 60% he can have more space for batteries cars solar or mybe invest in new wind energy mybe give back to nature.
    So parking garage to reduce the land use and he can have more parking spaces charging ports for cars and he can have batteries on first floor to green up his production more.

  10. I have to wonder what exactly Elon Musk is thinking on this Giga China factory. Giga Canada is a great idea and I'm certain that would be a very productive relationship. However, China's economy is imploding and it's not coming back. Labor costs in China are skyrocketing as the work force is shrinking. COVID lock downs are spreading as is ASF. On top of all that, China behaves as if they want to go to war with the US and our allies. At this point, I'm beginning to consider shorting Tesla stock next year. Musk should have chosen Vietnam or India, anywhere but China. Well, okay, China is certainly better than Russia, but still not a good location.

  11. Don't choose Quebec for a location. They'll instantly unionize, try to screw Tesla as long as everyone involved. Just do a bit of Googling to see 😀

  12. I will be very, very surprised if production reaches 5K/week by the end of the year at either new factory. I think Tesla has admitted that they are now shooting for Q1.

  13. I'm glad a new gigafactory will be built in Canada but let's not forget the ongoing talks with Indonesia. Those talks began earlier in '22 and could be huge if an agreement can be reached.