Will Tesla's Optimus robot become a reality? | FT Tech

Do humanoid robots have a future? As Elon Musk demonstrates a humanoid robot, we explore Engineered Arts – a humanoid robot factory with the creator of a highly realistic looking robot. Experts analyse Musk’s proposals so far, looking at how these robots could become a reality.

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  1. People need People, not humanoids. Drones are fine, because they serve a purpose and look like drones. They don't look like us. Pets are fine, because they too serve a purpose and they look like Pets. They don't look like us.

  2. Cook clean and mow the lawn, at a price of a car, and I'm sold.

    Assuming it doesn't talk to remote servers and all processing is done locally.

    Software has to be open source to trust.

  3. Thank you Financial Times and Elon Musk for this nonsense marketing stunt. Let's all feed fantasies into people's minds and make everyone believe that the future looks like this.
    Sincerely, a random robotics engineer.

  4. Crazy! Lets fix our planet instead of exploiting it…and conquer the space. AI is as crazy who those who believe in its potencial. Never a machine will replace human interaction, emotions, etc…

  5. lol. sure. just like tesla fully autonomous self driving car. or the $35,000 tesla model 3. or the tesla roadster 2. or the tesla semi. or the tesla cybertruck. XD

  6. Human performance at every level is abundantly horrible. Automobiles perform much better than horses so we demand automobiles dominatethe landscape. I have believed for many years that A.I. Government would be much more beneficial than the systems we have today. Robots have and will out distance humans at all levels of engagement much to benefit of the consumer. The issue of abuse will be the new concern. People having their Robots engage in crime and the abandoning of populations will be and is a horrific degeneration.

  7. Musk is is own marketier, PR, ect…..look at his face expression, he don't even believe in what he is saying

  8. Tesla can't even make an fully functionnal autopilot, and you expect them to create a humanoid? Can't wait for the day Musk is finally exposed as a con artist.

  9. What a complete waste of resources that could be used to address climate change. We have the largest global population in human history, there is no justification or need for these when we have so many workers available.