Should you Invest in TESLA now

Emmet peppers is among very successful TESLA investors. Emmet and I had a chat about 18 months ago on his 30 times gains …


  1. 32:30 the irony of his point is totally lost to him, Sanders wants to tax the riches for the benefits of all. Emmet wants the riches to give back a percentage (less than taxes) to the benefits of few but to improve their images/reputations.

    He is so lobotomised by the idea that capitalism/the invisible hand of the market is the best thing that he seems oblivious that almost all of the issues in the world are due to it.
    You can't fix the problem you created using the same tool that has created it.

    Pretty logical coming from a guy that find amazing that brands/advertising will be everywhere in a kid games to make them docile consumers.

  2. Thank you Rajeev. That was a terrific interview. I hold Emmet in high regard. His track record with Tesla is outstanding. I deeply appreciate both of your contributions.

  3. 00:00:00 Introduction

    00:01:10 How Tesla held up in the bear market? Is it a value buy now?

    00:05:20 Tesla’s competitive advantage (Chinese EVs, GM, Ford, Volkswagen)

    00:08:16 Tesla’s growth accelerators (Tesla auto drive, Tesla Bot)

    00:10:32 Tesla's upcoming AI day

    00:12:49 Financial implications of Tesla BOT

    00:15:48 Tesla Autonomous Driving progress, Emmet’s personal experience

    00:21:54 Where is Tesla in the next decade?

    00:24:27 Moody /Credit rating agency response

    00:27:31 What is Emmet’s Hedge fund philosophy, Investment ideas?

    00:35:27 Roblox and Lemonade Insurance

    00:37:27 Why Tesla Energy, and Tesla Solar are not picking up as they should?

    00:40:12 Cybertruck – what is happening there?

    00:42:44 Tesla in 2030 – Best case, Worst Case, Base Case

    00:45:21 Thank you