Dave Lee: 10x investing, Tesla's biggest risk, and their most valuable product

0:42 How did you get started with your YouTube channel?
2:50 What got you investing into 10x companies?
5:23 What has you most excited about Tesla?
10:04 Where is Tesla biggest risk at?
13:14 What is Tesla’s most valuable product?
23:24 What automakers are at risk of dying out?
26:28 What does Tesla look like in five years?

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  1. 0:42 How did you get started with your YouTube channel?
    2:50 What got you investing into 10x companies?
    5:23 What has you most excited about Tesla?
    10:04 Where is Tesla biggest risk at?
    13:14 What is Tesla’s most valuable product?
    23:24 What automakers are at risk of dying out?
    26:28 What does Tesla look like in five years?

  2. Great vid. I think Tesla's biggest risk factor right now is ramping the 4680 battery with all the bells and whistles to optimise energy density and minimise cost including, for example, to dope the cathode with silicon which, according to The limiting Factor, isn't happening right now, and to apply the dry electrode process to both cathode and anode which, again, isn't happening at the moment. Without fully ramped 4680s, launches of Cybertruck, Semi and Roadster will be delayed, or happen with a whimper rather than a bang, and the Model Y Performance and Long Range can't be optimised and fully ramped up.

  3. I agree with Dave, dichotomy of the personal transport market into the sectors 'Tesla' & 'non-Tesla' – possibly 50/50 split?

  4. I kind of disagree with Dave about the difficulty of driving. For someone with years of experience, 95% ± of driving is easy and routine. Driving is difficult for FSD because it still basically has the capability of a student driver.

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  7. Dave’s right, in 5 years from now, no other automaker is going to have 100k units running a GENERAL AI solution for FULL-SELF DRIVING. Automakers are going to be worried about staying alive and hopefully making a profit. What automaker is going to put hardware in cars they can’t charge for? No one is going to make the investment TESLA is or risk the death of people testing their FSD products.

  8. Great interview Sean – Dave Lee really has a good insight – I feel similar to him and Elon is definitely the leader for Tesla that can rally his team to make a working Tesla Bot that will help humanity and cause Tesla to be the largest company in the world in short order. Tesla’s long term future is looking amazing!!!

  9. I will forever appreciate the effort 👆
    You have helped me and my family a lot. Your videos, advice , lessons and funny words are inspiration and helpful to us. My wife and I have been able to minimal , conscious in spending, saving and investing wisely , I now earn every week . You are such a blessing to this generation , we all love you

  10. I think that there's probably more focus on Tesla's energy division going on in the background than even seasoned Tesla observers such as yourselves give the company and Elon credit for. The market for the storage of renewable energy is quickly going to become a multi-trillion $$ market over the next 5-8 or perhaps 10 years as the push to transition from fossil fuel energy usage intensifies. You only have to look at the rate Australian battery storage installation, both grid tied & residential. Then there's what's happening on the American grid tied MWh front among others. When you've got gas peaker plants being closed in favour of MWh battery storage, you definitely know massive change is afoot.
    I think it may be possible that Tesla will in the next few years decide that their next Gigafactory will not produce vehicles, but concentrate solely on storage devices; where that may be located, I couldn't guess.

  11. When I saw the announcement of the Tesla Bot my heart sank & I felt like I had a giant stone in the pit of my stomach.
    I take on board Elon's point about falling birthrates being a threat to civilisation but so too, do I recall the massive upset, suffering, deprivation & poverty, mechanisation inflicted on the masses of the 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. I just don't know how we'd go about creating that carefully crafted balance between filling in the labour shortfalls & preservation of livelihoods, taxation revenue streams & the sense of well-being, dignity & good mental health that stems from having regular meaningful employment that robotisisation of the workplace would essentially destroy; we shouldn't kid ourselves that this won't happen at some point in human history. History has & continues to show that humanity is often far too clever for its own good – or thinks it is. Continuing fossil fuels usage, unabated plastics production, deforestation, modern agriculture to name but a few are prime examples of how we've managed to make a right royal screw up of our planet, hence the mad scramble to prevent the worst possible outcomes of runaway climate change.

  12. @18:20 is the most misunderstood point about Tesla FSD Beta. The fact it is being used by many responsible Tesla drivers at this very moment is astonishing. An intelligent automotive manufacturing executive should be able to comprehend the commanding lead Tesla has with an autonomously driven vehicle that they should be recommending to their fellow managers not to waste any resources on developing their own solution but how to lease Tesla's autonomous IP cheaper than their competitors. I have struggled to understand the speed of technological development while all the while I have been trying to make the point that the average person has not been purposefully trained to live with the changes going on around us. People are winging it so to speak. This accelerating rate of change is why society is struggling with social media as it insinuates itself into our lives. We will figure it out but certain aspects of it are all ready baked in whether or not we understand it. These certainly are exciting times we are living in.

  13. Dave Dave!
    Shhh wait wait
    One thing I have is bad timing.

    The software challenges are not as easy as you might think
    and these are nothing compared to the personnel and project management issues.
    What I suspect I cannot say. What I know you don't want to hear.
    What I expect – well story for another time. You all are stabbing around the truth – dig deep, fly high
    the best is yet to come.

    Wow I am restricted. I am learning. No it is not a NDA
    I wish I could say. 12:42 I like the number but lets say 13:00
    Go Dave. The fun thing is not what you suspect but what we don't know ha ha hee hee

    What about when. Shhhh
    save frequently save often.

  14. tsla is not going to 10x. people dont even understand what that means. 3 times apple? 2 to 3x is the limit, and it's not likely either.