Scientists Are SHOCKED By Elon Musk's New AI Robot!

Scientists Are SHOCKED By Elon Musk’s New AI Robot!

There have always been times when we thought about wanting a robot for ourselves which would be able to do our tedious house chores. Well, it would be great to know that the techno king Elon Musk has finally announced that he will manufacture such a model, which will be able to do your chores and many other things too.

In this video, we will discuss Tesla’s first ever humanoid robot, Optimus, and why it’s such a big deal for the future of ai (artificial intelligence) science.

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  1. Nobody has done it before..whaaa?
    I had androids for sale for around $150,000. Tho in recent years ive focussed on 3d printing.

  2. Ah so its not AI, because you stated the robot does not want money.
    As i had predicted, its not going to be Ai else the robot would not be able to be a slave.
    I sure would love to test it as ive built a android so know more about them than most.
    I wish you nice success.
    Be well from Will and Mr Data :):]