RHD: Musk faces skeptics prior to 'Optimus' robot debut, McDonald's reopens in Kyiv

1. Musk faces skeptics prior to ‘Optimus’ robot debut
At its ‘AI Day’ on Sept. 30, Tesla will unveil a prototype of its humanoid robot, known as Tesla Bot or ‘Optimus,’ according to CEO Elon Musk, but experts are skeptical that it can show technological advances that would justify its expense.

2. McDonald’s reopens in Kyiv
Kyiv residents braved the cold to line up for hours as McDonald’s opened three branches in the Ukrainian capital that had been shut since the Russian invasion began.

3. Black Brazilians in ‘quilombos’ counted in census
The Brazilian census includes a question counting members of the ‘quilombo’ communities for the first time. Members say the move is one step in a political transformation for which local organizers have long been fighting.

4. Judge questions claim Trump ‘declassified’ seized docs
The U.S. judge appointed to comb through some 11,000 documents seized by federal agents from Donald Trump’s home as part of a criminal probe questioned the former president’s attorneys over the claim the records had been ‘declassified.’

5. UNGA highlights ‘global dysfunction’, urges change
World leaders gathered in-person at the 77th United Nations General Assembly in New York City. French President Emmanuel Macron used the occasion to warn nations that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was dividing the world and restoring the ‘age of colonialism.’

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